I have moved!

Ok last night I did a lot of dreaming! I dreamed about helping my daughter to overcome some issues and that was good stuff. Then I dreamed that I was in high school and I was dating my ex wife. We did a bunch of stupid stuff in the halls until finally I stopped coming to school. I skipped until they kicked me out. As soon as they did I went to get a GED and get some a job skill! A few years later I met up with my old friends and we were all in college. I was working full time making good money and paying for my own school. They were all like children and it was funny how far ahead of them I had gotten. But at the same time they all felt sorry for me because I was the one who didn’t make it through school. Then I picked up the check for the table and made plans with an old friend.

Now for those of you with children who are struggling may I just say that God is fixing this stuff! He may or may not use you to help them but either way just keep praying because He wants to intervene! Sometimes that takes time so be patient. At the end of this GED dream I woke up and listened, I heard the words “I HAVE MOVED!” Man that was exciting! It is finished! He has done it already! It is already set into motion, you may not see your prayers answered as of today but the answer is working itself out now!

So this GED dream tells me a little recap of my past in allegory. I didn’t actually drop out or go to school with my ex wife. But there was a time when we were stupid together and I eventually took a hard pass on the stupid and she left. I got away from everyone and everything and got close to God and focussed on raising my kids. This plan of dropping out at 16 and getting a GED and a job skill and paying my way through college was actually something I wished I had done with my high school years instead of wasting all that time on… high school. And it also tells the story of me getting away from everyone and everything and working on growth in life. I have used that time to grow in my walk with God and He pushed me to get an education, remarry, have more kids, homeschool, read and all sorts of growing has been happening. I feel like the Holy Spirit made me way smarter than I was before! It also tells of a resurfacing that is about to happen in my life and in the lives of all the hidden ones. Those of us who have just hidden ourselves away from the world and grown in God for the last decade or however long it has taken. He has prepared you to resurface and He is about to bring you out into the open. People will actually feel like your life was derailed but you will know that your life was moved forward faster than most. It’ll give you a confidence and you will lead even though or if you have never felt like a leader. He has moved!

After this I had another dream and it was very long and involved, so I’ll skip the beginning for the sake of time. But by the end there was a woman with a book of the enemy’s power and many people who thought her to be on the right side of things. She squared off against me and took the book to attack me but I charged at her. She turned into a tiger as I charged but I went right at her and when I got to her she the tiger was terrified and took off. I had a book of my own, it was the book of the power of God! I squared off against the power of the enemy head to head several times and I was never so much as slowed down in coming against it!

Guys God is teaching us about His power in the secret place but He is about to release us into the battle and we will be victorious! I’m not talking win by a shot at the buzzer victorious. I’m talking about stop the game at halftime and the other team complains about your coach running up the score victorious! I’m talking about shouldn’t have needed to bother playing the game but we did because we wanted to see how many points we could put on the board against this nothing team victorious! The great revival has begun! He has moved!

GO! I pray that the enemy’s plans in our nation would be uprooted! I pray they would be exposed in their weakness! I pray that the Lord who has raised His mighty hand would bring it down in His enemies and that He would push you into the battle to pray the enemy’s power into nothing! Teach the Lord’s power! Teach the fear of God in this nation! May you walk in the confidence that God has already done what He has you doing! May His Spirit fill you and drive you like a wind in your sail! May He push you out into the open, out into the front of the move that He has planned and executed already in the Spirit! What is loosed in Heaven is loosed on Earth! May you walk in it, my you walk in the plans of God and the fear of God and may God bless all y’all.

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