Watching over our family

Last night I had a dream where I was trying to figure out how to help the school. I think this is answer to some prayers where I may be misunderstanding what I’m supposed to be doing. I was trying to find a product to sell to the school but there was nothing that they needed. As this was happening the world turned dark and giant storm came in. Me, my wife and her sister all walked out into the storm. We grabbed something to drink, a chair and a light and went out into the storm. We set up our chairs next to a house in the woods. Our children were all inside and so were several other people that we know. We were there to watch over our families and the people near us during the storm. One of our daughters and then another came out when they saw our light shining. We comforted them and sent them back to bed. Then I looked and there was a tree and on the other side another tree. I told my wife and her sister that the trees would fall during the storm. At this point my ex wife came out of the house. Then I began to try the settings on my flashlight. It would do many different things including light up the entire house, different patterns, light just enough for a path and one setting was so bright that it could stop the storm and make the entire earth sunny again. After I tried each one, I just kept watching over that house.

I think that we leaders of families are being called into something right now. We have been trained up to care for our families during the time of the perfect storm. This global storm is obviously here now and it will continue for awhile. It’s time to watch over our children and families and whoever is under our authority and protect them from the troubles that are facing the earth. This storm will prepare many of us and those around us for the next storm in just a few more years. All that we have learned and prepared for will become useful now and we will all learn what the light of God in us is truly capable of.

I had another dream over the weekend that I want to share this morning. I think that it was also about walking through this perfect storm time period. I dreamed that Alexander Hamilton built a financial building which point to real historical events. Next to it came another financial building which was a chess piece but this one slid off of its foundation when war came. Then another financial building was built but it also slid off of its foundation. This happened a few times and during it all Hamilton’s building stood solid next to it.

Now this is pointing to something amazing that no one seems to expect. These chess piece financial buildings or systems have been set up several times during our history in America. There have been multiple currency collapses through the years. However, our nation has continued to prosper through it all because of the true underlying system. Now I haven’t read Hamilton’s financial papers or studied the system he used to found this nation’s financial system. I knew he had something to do with it but I haven’t studied it. I’ve studied every collapse but I didn’t know until this dream that there was something in our foundation that truly makes us prosperous. During this perfect storm time period the financial collapse that we have all expected is coming. But there is a miracle of God that will be done to hold us to the original system. Our nation will be shaken off its foundations of prosperity in the false, chess piece system, but the true underlying system will stand. This is going to be amazing! The answer to our problem will come right from Hamilton and God’s original foundation for our system. Trump is going to find it and restore it during his time in office.

May you live from the foundations that God has laid for your life and your nation! May you use the knowledge of God to watch over the earth as the storm swallows it up! May you lead your tribe through the darkness so that they do not fear! May the Lord give you a post over which to watch or a Godly person who can watch over you as the storm progresses. I pray that only the chaff would be blown from your life and that the trees who fall around you would be only the poison trees. I pray that your life would come out of this storm strong and advancing the Lord’s purposes through the earth! May you grow strong roots as the lightning crashes around you and soak up the water as the rain falls upon the earth and may God bless all y’all.

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