The tools that build

Years ago I had a dream that I’m just now getting to the beginning of in my life. I was in a parking lot and many cars came to surround me as the sun went down. The world was getting dark and just as the cars surrounded me I began to run. I ran into the darkness in the woods while brushing my teeth. As I was running I looked up and I could see something amazing in the deep woods. I saw heavy equipment that appeared to have been doing dirt work! They were making a building pad and I was headed right for them. The pad was almost ready for the foundation to be laid.

Now more recently God showed me that I was in that parking lot in my life now. He just got me there a few months ago. If you read the blog where I was brushing my teeth and was offered new custom glasses you’ll remember that was about understanding. But God has been slowly revealing my purpose, moving me into position and training me to accomplish something for many years now. I bet he’s been working in your life too.

Last night I dreamed that I was talking to my boss about a promotion at work. We agreed that it was time for the promotion. Then I received a meme in the texts on my phone that said, ‘need you for prayers, daddy’. Then I went into work on Saturday with the promotion coming up very soon. A man with the name tag ‘daddy’ came in. He was in a wheelchair at first and complaining about it. Then he just got up and started being creepy with the women in the room. Then he started to be rude and bully people all during the meeting. He found one way after another to an offensive jerk. I was so mad at this guy that I went to report him to the accountant after the meeting. I started flipping through my pictures looking for his meme. He was trying to stop me and the accountant was trying to calm me down. When I finally got to the meme that I thought he was trying to use con me I read it again, ‘need you for prayers, daddy’.

I realized that the Lord was teaching me about my purpose. I have been praying for understanding of my purpose and this promotion in the kingdom and I think this was an answer. I remember years ago I was doing these prayer meetings on YouTube because someone was trying to disciple me into that. I took the time to pray for a group of rappers. I like rap and I knew that these people needed Jesus and that they could lead large numbers of people to the Lord. That offended the person trying to train me. She actually scolded me for praying for these people, one of whom was Kanye West oddly enough. Praying for someone who offended her was too much. But I really felt God in that prayer and we didn’t really agree on how to do things and eventually stopped.

There are so many people in this world who offend us. They do all the wrong things at exactly the wrong times. I believe God is calling me into a place of seeing God in them, Daddy God. We don’t battle against the people, we battle against the spirits that bind their hearts and minds into evil. The people we want to be free. We want their wrongs accounted for so often. But when Jesus paid for me, He also paid for everyone I don’t like, everyone with a problem, everyone who offends me. I feel like my promotion is going to be very humbling.

In the Kingdom you grow by helping more people. You grow by putting others ahead of yourself. You grow down, you become rooted when you grow down. Plants grow down at the same pace they grow up and no one ever sees the half of the plant that makes the whole thing fruitful. The Bible says above all things seek understanding, and above all gifts seek to prophesy. If we build without the Lord we build in vain. But on the foundations of apostles and prophets the church is built.

God is building something now and the Spirit of Understanding will deliver keys to many. God is about to launch many apostles and prophets with new vision for the kingdom. Once when I met Jesus in a dream I was sitting in a training area. It was like the D Day invasion was coming and those who would be a part of it needed to know the plan and their role. It was so important that Jesus was doing the training personally. There were thousands of us in that room. These are the people about to be launched. We are all very excited and I suspect we all know who we are by this time. But we have to be careful of our expectations. This thing is going to be amazing and unique! But it won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty. It will be a long ugly grind of humbling experiences and praying for those who hate us.

This is going to be a moment where we prove that the sermon on the mount works! The pure in heart are going to see God! The meek are going to inherit the earth! Mountains will move and the earth will shake and God will roar out of the heavens! But we are invading the earth by service. We are invading the earth by faith and prayer, not by anything that we are strong at. Our own strength will fail us. Our own talents will backfire. We are going to finish the great commission. It will take some time and many of us will die. This is the our finest hour. We invade the earth by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony and not loving our own lives unto death. That is what we are building, that is what is being launched.

Jesus said, ‘do not resist and evil person’. This invasion will not be about fighting people, they will fight us but we will not fight them. This invasion will be about proving every last letter of God’s word true. The seeds that fall to the ground will produce much fruit! The last day is at hand and we are prepared to build the church of the end times. When the witches fight us, we free them from their slavery to witch craft and they will join us in building. When the government comes against us we will free them and they will join us. When the big corporations come against us we will free the people from their strongholds and they will join us too! And the cartels and the mafia and the rebels and outlaws. Everyone see God’s hand and His face! Many will fall away at the struggle but they will all see.

May you bring in the harvest! May you work with God to the end! May you receive the reward in the 11th hour that was given to those working in the first! May you fight for those who offend you and pray for those who persecute you! May you see God in everyone, especially those who can’t see Him in themselves! May the Lord lift you up on wings like eagles and put His lions roar in your mouth and in your heart! May you shine upon the earth with the glory of the Lord and may God bless all y’all.

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