Google and Gold

Good morning everyone! I hope you had an amazing 4th of July weekend, I know I enjoyed taking a 4 day weekend. But let’s jump back in with a splash, I had some great national event dreams early this morning and I want to share.

In my first dream my father or possibly the Father, took me down the driveway and out to the intersection in a car. When we got there it wasn’t a road, it was dirt and grass and there was some construction happening. There was also a tractor in the middle of the ‘highway’ and there was a blind corner, so we just sat there looking for an opportunity to turn.

As we were sitting there the dream started, I was a TV character from the show Psych. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there with me and we started running from the cops, same cops from the show Psych. I was Sean, if you remember the show it might give a little context. This was kind of fun. They were trying to force me into contact tracing for Covid 19 and I had a rolling furniture dolly, the kind with 4 wheels and padding. I kept jumping on it to roll out of the grasp of people. I went head first down some stairs and unlike real life, it was fun and safe to do that. When I got outside by the police cars, everyone listened to my story of what happened and they arrested some other guy. I successfully avoided the contact tracing.

After that I went into another dream. Gold was being revalued against the dollar. I’ll assume you don’t study gold, so here’s how this works basically. Gold used to have a required price in dollars. It provided stability to the currency and the rest of the world just operated their currencies against the dollar because it was golden. But after Kennedy, things took a hard turn in terms of leadership and Johnson started unwinding that and Nixon finished it off. Ok let me shorten my history or this will get long. From when there was a gold standard, gold still has a legal valuation against dollars but the real price has nothing to do with that amount because we haven’t reported it since Nixon. So in my dream we reported the new amount was $300, (last amount was 42ish) and America was revaluing it to $800. There are reasons and explanations that could go with that but basically what happens is we report how much gold we have and how many dollars we have and then we print 2 and 2/3 that amount of money for revaluation. That’s a really big deal but it makes sense that it would have to come to that and most experts expect a revaluation to go the other direction, like cutting the money supply in half for example. In fact, it may be that the currency supply is cut first to get the $300 valuation and then it can’t hold because the true valuation is estimated to be very high in comparison to these numbers.

After that I had another dream where I watched 2 guys get in a battle with Google. It went back and forth for awhile and everyone was shooting at each other. In the end the 2 guys lured Google into an alley. Google took the bait, they shot one and ran the other through a building with a motorcycle! But the two guys had secretly planned the whole thing to show what Google would do, like a sting operation. After that they had enough evidence to break Google into parts. I’m pretty sure it was 2 parts and I saw a boundary that marked what went to one part and what went to the rest, but I don’t remember exactly what that was.

So to me that all means, get ready for a wild ride in this country. Pray for the breakup of Google, pray and prepare for a major currency revaluation that suddenly drops and then suddenly skyrockets the price of gold back to back (the prices at the store and asset prices will follow the same pattern), pray for financial wisdom, pray about contact tracing and chipping especially with the chipping story out of Michigan, pray that we are able to walk through this upcoming time with God’s grace and wisdom upon us and that we can help others through.

Now let’s jump into the Bible and see if we can find Jesus in 2 Chronicles. I feel like we are jumping back into Google and Gold because right here in chapter 8 and 9 we start seeing the accomplishments of Solomon and his knowledge and his gold. This is one of the places in the Old Testament when the number 666 is mentioned and it has to do with gold. That’s how much gold the wise king brought from Ophir. I think that before the return of Jesus there will be a time when the antichrist sets up a global gold standard because of very large discoveries of gold in places like ancient Ophir.

Here in chapter 9 we get to a portion of scripture that Jesus mentioned in the New Testament. He said that the Queen of Sheba would rise up at the judgement and accuse Jesus’ generation. This tells us many things about the kingdom. One it tells us that the Queen of Sheba ends up in Heaven. Then it tells us why. Jesus said she traveled the world to hear the wisdom of Solomon. She had a sense that it was truth, meaning she recognized what God was doing and her faith pleased God. It also tells us what Paul means when he says do you not know the saints will judge the world and judge angels. He gets that from Jesus. Jesus explains that the righteous will be the judges and witnesses of the wicked on the day of judgement. Jesus also tells us that the goats who go into outer darkness are sent there because they did not care for the sheep. The sheep were those who followed God in this life. Mistreating God’s sheep is a really terrible idea. Jesus tells us that what we forgive will be forgiven and what we do not forgive will not be forgiven. That’s how the judgement at the end of the world will work. Better forgive our brothers or we may be accused of not forgiving in that day.

There’s plenty more Jesus in the reading for today, I invite you read along in 2 Chronicles 8- 23. May the Lord grant you the wisdom of Solomon and heart of David. I pray that you would be blessed by this blog and bless by the word of God. Be washed in the word and in His presence and His understanding. May you receive the Holy Spirit. May your biggest prayers be answered and may God bless all y’all.

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