Helping a friend

I dreamed that an old friend was living in the house I grew up in. I watched some of his history play out. His divorce, his work problems and so on and then he came out of my house and moved across the street. When he got there a group of men playing basketball in the street got angry at him. He came to me for help and I moved his work truck to the side of the road where they were playing basketball. They kept playing but they weren’t angry anymore.

This dream is about a real friend that I haven’t seen in several years. As I write it I think that he is going to come back into my life at some point. His name means God is gracious and he was always one to test the for limits in God’s grace and he hasn’t found one yet. I think God is preparing me to help my friend and others who need His grace in a difficult time. Praise God for His goodness.

I had a lot more dreams but my kids are not going to let that much blogging happen this morning so let’s just right into Bible study! Today we are finishing up 1 Chronicles and getting into 2 Chronicles. Jesus is on every page and I know I will find Him in this section too. So let’s just look at the Kingdom.

Remember what Jesus said, this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to every nation and then the end will come. We have a picture of that in the last several chapters of 1 Chronicles. This section of scripture reveals how Jesus will order the Kingdom. First starting in chapter 24 the priests are set in order. Think of this in terms of revival moves in history, for example the reformation could have been a starting point in which the true office of the servants of the Lord began to be put in order in the church. The priests have been put in order in every generation since.

Then David puts the musicians in order. The Kingdom will always have musicians and I can think of many portions of church history that involved putting the musicians in order from Charles Wesley to Bethel Music to Hymn books. Heaven is full of music.

Next David puts in order the gatekeepers, treasurers, judges, overseers, and a variety of officials. Think of the layers of moves of God in the last 500 years and how they have all focused on different offices. The pastors, teachers, prophets and evangelists have grown in understanding and authority of what it means to hold the office. The body has learned to operate in the various gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom is being prepared for the day when The True Solomon builds the True Temple.

At this point the Lord’s Army is put in order. The leaders of each division is named and just like the tree of life puts forth fruit in each month, the army of God rises from a different tribe each month year after year. The end time Apostles will rise around the world as leaders of these various armies that will bring forth the fruit of revival each month until His return!

After this we see the leaders of the tribes coming forth and being set in order. These are the other 12 of the 24 elders who God will raise up. Then the overseers of the royal offices arise and each one overseers the entire work of God in various areas of influence. The high offices are now set in place and Jesus will hand down the full plan for the Temple. That’s the church, grown into the fullness of Christ as Paul told us about.

At this time the fullness of the gifts will come to rest on the church. The Lord Jesus will pray over us and thank God for His bride! This is the glorious church, this is the bride. Remember the world is still falling apart around our ears at this point. The world will be having the most trouble it has or will ever have. We rise to the point of fullness while the enemy’s attacks take the world into the great tribulation. We will be killed regularly during this time and we will understand that blessing! We will be patient and passionate, knowing that the birth of new life is about to spring forth onto the earth!

All of this prepares the way of the Lord! Just as David prepared the way for Wisdom to rule in his son, so Jesus prepared us to be His Kingdom and came down to rule in Wisdom. This is the story of the return of Jesus and how He is about to set His church in order in such a miraculous crescendo that only the musicians and prophets will understand it and feel its full weight on this side of heaven. Treat God’s people well, because we are His temple and He is building us to manifest His glory and bring Him to the people to prepare the way for His return.

May you grow towards His coming! May the fire on your alter never go out! I pray that God will give you a clear understanding and bless your generations with the faithfulness of a good father! If you’d like to read along, today’s reading is 1 Chronicles 24- 2 Chronicles 7, I really hope you can go through it with us. May the Lord full you with His Spirit and bless you with to witnesses of His might. May He blow through you and touch the world around you and everyone you encounter. May your shadow heal the sick and your virtue go out by accident and may God bless all y’all.

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