Warning the Empreror

My last dream of the night was pretty awesome! I went to warn the Emperor of China about the new swine flu that is going around out that way. I think I may have really gone, I fly off a lot in my sleep but I don’t always remember where I went.

It started off with me and my kids were all fly in to a new airport. I didn’t see it or anything I just knew it was a new airport. It was put there just to have an airport that landed people next to the home of the ’emperor’. When we got there we went down a long hall, and then out onto a balcony with some random person. Then the ’emperor’ opened a sliding door in the wall, it was a blue wall and we didn’t see the door at first. When we went in, it was a 1 bedroom apartment and a Chinese man and a couple of children were in there. They were trying to stay safe and away from everyone. After I warned him about the new strain of swine flu, I did something else. I appeared in the middle of Beijing traffic and I was delivering plants to a garden. I was blaring country music and there was one American woman stuck in the traffic that kept looking at me.

Now again I’m not sure if I actually flew out to China and warned a top level intercessor about the new strain of swine flu or walked in the spirit in the middle of a Beijing traffic jam delivering garden plants with people who could see me. But I might have, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me. More importantly, I heard the words ‘new strain’ a couple of months ago. I was assuming it was about a new strain of coronavirus like maybe a COVID-31 was coming down the line. That’s what I get for assuming. We need to be praying, covering our families and being careful about anything called ‘new strain’ for awhile. I bet I warned the emperor of China because this is the real deal.

Hey if we have any theology Phd’s out there listening, can you guys create a little bit clearer understanding of the spiritual world? I need a church word to replace the term astral plane from my vocabulary and you guys haven’t given me one. You can’t just let the occult define everything that happens in the prophetic or the church will want to stay away from it. Church up the other realms guys, God made all of this stuff and gave it to us. What kind of stewardship is it to just give it to the devil and send all the prophets to him for processing? I’ve heard about Thor from the Avengers in church dozens of times but I’ve not heard anyone mention the occult allegory of the Avengers. I’ve not heard anyone talk about the Nazi’s trying to replace Jesus with Thor to prepare German culture. I’m not hearing anyone say the last enemy of God defeated in the Bible is Thanatos and it sounds a lot like where they got the name Thanos. We are addressing the culture from a wrong perspective. The smart people are out here writing about all the literal interpretations and claiming everything else is ‘bad hermeneutics’ but they skip the entire allegorical understanding step of hermeneutics, and if there’s something mystical or weird they aren’t going to touch that explanation with a ten foot pole. Get over your crap and start talking about the Bible as written, as intended.

Ok now that I’ve insulted the honor of the smart people, I’ll jump into the Bible and look for Jesus:) I feel like I’m in good company because Jesus ran into this same problem. We were always supposed to interpret the Bible through Him and by the Holy Spirit and somehow the church has lost all grasp of how to do that and chosen to use the natural mind which is at war with the things of God as the interpretive tool of choice. This is strangely upsetting this morning. I love you all. Ok into 1 Chronicles.

When we start out 1 Chronicles 10 we see the death of Saul and I think we need to start there. First of all, he died on Mount Gilboa. That word Gilboa means ‘water bursting from the rock’. The dead of Saul was a sign that water or the Holy Spirit was about to burst forth! Maybe this is why I was just ranting. We are about to see God make some changes in the church. It says that Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord; did not keep the word of the Lord and even consulted a medium for guidance. The leaders of the church who are unfaithful to the Lord, do not keep the word of the Lord and dabble in the occult are about to cut down and replaced so that revival can spring forth!

Martyn Lloyd Jones says that a portion of the church always opposes subsequent experience Baptism in the Holy Spirit and that portion of the church always fights against revival. I’m no expert but Martyn Lloyd Jones is, and we are seeing this as the war inside the church right now. Saul was the same way, he wanted to kill David but David didn’t want to kill Saul, he respected Saul. But Saul wouldn’t stop standing in the way of God’s will, and as soon as David was trained up and ready to really fully on the Lord the time came.

As soon as Saul was removed by God Himself, then David began advancing. He got back all that was lost when He and His men had been robbed and even more. He became King at Hebron then he took the City of David and ruled in Jerusalem. He beat back the enemy and his army grew and grew and grew. This is the story of Jesus’ return. When He comes back and takes Jerusalem and rules the earth it will follow this pattern set forth in scripture ahead of time. And it also the story of revival, when the church has been suppressed and beaten back. The church is in the place now where Saul is going to war and we are being robbed and suppressed.

Bring me the ephod! That is what David said at his lowest point. That’s what David said that screamed out to the heart of God that he was ready to be king. He would make a single decision on his own and the church, when we get to that place of crying out to God no matter how we feel in the moment. Our only desire will be to do God’s will and we will only do what we hear from Him, like Jesus! Then revival will break forth on the earth and advance and advance and advance!!! We will take the land when we are fully prepared.

I hope you got something out of this little Bible study. May the Lord give you strength to stand with Him in the day of trouble. May the Lord keep you safe from the new strain and bring healing to others through your hands. May he bless you with understanding and keep you faithful. May He give you back more than was stolen from you, may He train you to follow Him in every step and may God bless all y’all.

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