Jim Acosta’s Twinkies

I had a very odd section of a dream about Jim Acosta last night, it was pretty hilarious. It started when I went to a big theme park with my family. As soon as I got there I lost everything little by little. First my family was gone, then my keys and phone. I couldn’t find anyone so I was walking around. For some reason I had a Twinkie in my hand and I walked past Jim Acosta as he and a crew were preparing to report. I saw that he had a drawer full of Twinkies and I ran up and stuck my Twinkie in the drawer and took out one of his. He got really made and decided to get back at me with news. Then I went around the mall that was in the park and lost my shirt! Eventually I found the parking lot again and went to wait on everyone in the car.

A dream like this is uncomfortable. You lose everything, you can’t find your way back and everything seems to be going wrong. The news is going after me, my family is gone, I’m losing my shirt and I don’t have any way of going anywhere or contacting anyone. It’s an absolute dead end mess. I’ve been through a few of those kinds of messes in life before and I hope another one isn’t coming. But if it does, I always know where to go, back to the beginning. I draw closer to God in hard times and that makes hard times more of a blessing than good times. It doesn’t make it fun, but after a few trips through the valley you learn that you will make it through the valley and back to the mountain top again.

I had another dream too. It started out with me and my parents meeting at a store they owned. When we got there we saw that someone had broken in. When we went inside there was a cop that had fallen on the floor as he was investigating the break in. He tripped over some broken things on the floor that the intruder had dropped. My parents were concerned about owning that place. We had tried to set up our homes as places of refuge and now we were selling or losing our homes. Then I showed them how the store location was the place of refuge we had been trying to create. This didn’t make sense to them but I started looking at it and the store had everything we would need.

Again we have some major things going wrong, break in, cops can’t help, and losing our houses. But those things again lead to purpose. It was hidden in front our faces and the hard times took the blinders off and allowed me to see the opportunity of it all. God is leading us through some trouble and into purpose! So don’t fear the trouble in front of you, but wait on the Lord and walk with Him through it. He will show you the way to get through it and into the purpose that he created you for.

Ok let’s jump into 1 Kings and see if we can find Jesus in there. In chapter 18 we see Elijah calling down fire. Many people look at the literal story and see how powerful it is, but when the disciples did this, Jesus was not pleased. Maybe there was something deeper in this prophetic act that points to Jesus, prophesies Jesus and actually helps bring about the coming of Jesus.

First of all who is Baal and the Baals? This is the devil and the pantheon of false gods and spirits and demons. These are the ones that corrupted the earth by teaching all of the various witch crafts and religious practices and manipulations of the world. Following after any or all of them is what the Bible calls prostituting after other gods. Now Elijah calls together all the prophets of Baal and sets up a challenge. They are to select 2 bulls. The bulls represent men prophetically here. The offering of a man that will be accepted points to Jesus.

Look at this as an end times prophecy and you’ll see it. One bull is brought and all the prophets of Baal come together and call upon their god. Most of the world today still refers to this god as the God when they speak of God by the way. But this god Baal can’t do what everyone thinks he can do. Remember the ‘spirit and power of Elijah’ that refers to John the Baptist in the New Testament? You can see it here. Elijah comes out and makes fun of Baal and his prophets and mocks their lack of power. This is the voice of John crying out in the wilderness for the people to repent!

As Elijah pours water on the bull and the alter, so John Baptizes Jesus. As God sends down fire from Heaven, so God puts the Holy Spirit on Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the fire of God. This is shown repeatedly in the Bible and in the New Testament Jesus is said to be the one to baptize in the Holy Spirit and fire. But when the disciples wanted to call down fire on those who didn’t follow Jesus, He was very angry with them because they had evil in mind. He wanted to get the Holy Spirit in people, not kill them.

Now once the whole nation of Israel knew who the God that answered by fire was, Elijah went out and killed the prophets of Baal. This is the end times. Israel will know Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit and fire. Not each and every man, but God will have many people in Israel that cry blessed is the name of the Lord to Jesus before His return. At this time He will lead in the power of Elijah and destroy the prophets of Baal with the sword. Then He will be the King of all Kings and rule with an iron fist. Nothing that is out of line with love will be accepted in the earth for 1,000 years.

I hope you got something out of today’s Bible study. May you be led by the love of God and never confuse the god of this world with the only God there is. I pray that you would be blessed with wisdom and understanding and that God’s ways would make more and more sense to you. Today’s reading was from 1 Kings 17- 2 Kings 4 and I hope you can join in on the reading. Try to find Jesus on every page, it all points to Him. May the Lord bless you and keep you and raise you up on the last Day and may God bless all y’all.

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