My warrior princesses

Last night my wife had a dream about our youngest daughter. She was dressed like a cartoon warrior and battling and yelling for people to call her by her middle name. She’s named for Jael in the Bible. That’s the woman who drove a tent peg through the head of the evil king and ended the war. She’s not the only warrior princess in our family. My wife and daughters are all amazing women of God. We are incredibly blessed with powerful women in our household.

Today’s reading talks a lot about the women in the house of David. There’s Bathsheba who David took from her husband and had him killed. Because of his wrong doing, she lost a husband and a newborn child. But God must have seen some great faith in her because he made her the mother of the next king, the wisest king who would ever live. And he asked her advice and she had a good relationship with her son the king and her new husband the king. Her troubled times made her into a Queen, a real one.

There was Tamar who’s brother raped her. Her other brother took her in and killed that evil man. But he went too far and tried to overthrow the entire kingdom. Because David was merciful to his son after his evil, Absalom his other son took revenge on him too and fulfilled a curse on David’s house. He ran the king out of the kingdom and raped many of his wives on the roof so that the whole city could see it. None of these women deserved to be treated this way. But Absalom loved his sister so much that he waged an outright war on everyone who hurt her. Then he made sure that she was provided for, then he named his daughter after her. He gave his entire life to love his sister through a rape. He may not have done it all the right way, but she was loved greatly.

Where is Jesus in this story? David loses 3 sons in this section of the Bible. He mourned for them even while they were alive. He didn’t want to lose them. The death of the son who’s name means father of peace, Absalom, came when he was stuck hanging from a tree. And they pierced him with a spear. Jesus was also the father of peace, because he brought the Spirit of Peace back into the world so that peace can live in men again. Jesus also hung from a tree and was pierced with a spear while he hung there. David mourned deeply and wished that he had been able to die. I think that was the Father’s heart toward’s Jesus. God could not die in His form. He had to separate himself from himself into a man, fully flesh. And much like the antediluvian demigods had to die for the sins of the fallen angels, Jesus countered and died for the sins of the people which the fallen angels and demigods had taught them to do.

Today’s reading is from 2 Samuel 12-22 and I hope you read along and find Jesus in more places. Build the Spirit of Prophecy in you as you understand the testimony of Jesus. I pray that you woman, and you men’s wives and daughters and mothers would be blessed warrior women! I pray that you would be protected from the evil’s of this world, but that even if the worst happens God would show you that you are loved, that you are strong, and that He would take away the pain and make you into a Queen so that all women see how blessed you are! May you all grow in wisdom and understanding and may God bless all y’all.

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