So last night I was dreaming and I saw my hand touching my wife’s arm. The Lord said that closeness comes by touch. It was a double meaning of course, and maybe more. But I knew that He was showing me the parallel between human to human skin contact creating emotional closeness between people and how to be close to God. We need our spirit to always be reaching out and touching His Spirit. I was praying about closeness last night so this was a simple answer to prayer. Remember the verse, draw near to me and I will draw near to you? There is no end to how close a person can get to God by the drawing near process.

That way of understanding the dream is found in the dream Peter had in Acts. He dreamed of animals and the Lord said kill and eat. Freud and Jung would have missed this one by a mile if they had interpreted it. The animal were unclean foods and unclean people groups and the Jesus had made them both clean. So Peter knew he should go to all the people of the world and that the food laws had now been fulfilled as a prophecy and no longer needed to be applied. This is the same process for understanding my dream. I saw something and heard a few words. The instruction applies both physically and spiritually.

Ok today we are back into the story of David in our Bible study. I jumped through some of this yesterday but we weren’t to this part yet. So I want to add a piece to yesterday’s story. If you missed it, we walked through the life’s of Saul and David and how it parallels the life of Jesus. We are always looking for Jesus. As we get into 2 Samuel 1 we run into the story where an Amalekite comes in to tell David that Saul was dead.

He obviously thought this was good news and that he was going to get something out of this. He told David that he found Saul wounded and Saul asked him to kill him. This was a lie, he didn’t actually kill Saul. When we get down to David’s reaction we can see that this is a prophecy of Judas betraying Jesus.

The Amalekite was looking for selfish gain as was Judas. The Amalekite brought the crown and the armlet to David from Saul. This is pretty interesting and probably needs a real study on it’s own. But the seal on the head and arm are a sign of what kingdom a person belongs to spiritually. Moses talked about a mark like this on the children of God. The book of Revelation talks about a mark like this on the enemies of God but also mentions the seal on the children of God. Paul mentions the Holy Spirit as the seal. Cain received a mark before he was sent away. These are all connected together into the idea of being marked spiritually in a way that shows your kingdom. Judas aided with the death of Jesus, and by doing so brought him the kingdom as it turned out.

Now David gives the order that the Amalekite be killed. Judas was so upset in his spirit that he killed himself. This was prophesied in another place as well, in Zechariah 11. “Then the Lord said to me, ‘Throw it to the potter’ the lordly price at which I was priced by them. So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them into the house of the Lord, to the potter.” This indicates it was a command of the Lord that caused this and that lines up with David giving the command as a prophetic act.

I find it interesting that David’s next move is to quote a big section from the book of Jashar which prophesied of the events of that day. It was pretty specific including everyone’s names. It’s hard to tell if this is the same book of Jashar that exists today but I will probably have to read that now. I read the book of Enoch and I learned a lot from that even though many people oppose reading these books. People oppose just about anything these days.

Today we read from 1 Samuel 29- 2 Samuel 11 and I hope you can read along. I pray that you would find closeness with God and that you would find reasons to reach out to Him all day and all night. May you grow so close to God that you no longer fit in this world. May you grow in understanding and be strong in the Lord and may God bless all y’all.

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