National treasure or something

Ok last night I had an unusual dream even for me. It started in my grandparents’ house, which is normal enough. None of my family was actually there, it was set up like a fine dining restaurant. I stepped away from the table and went into the bathroom, and a man from another table came down the hall past me.

It was at this point that the dream switched and I was with my wife and kids in the parking lot of a high rise office building. The janitorial van pulled up and they knew my wife and were chatting as they got out. This team of people talked with us and let the kids look around the van and they were just nice people. As they went into the building to work for the night, they invited us to go on an adventure with them another day. So we agreed and they went in to work.

After this the dream switched to that day and we met them on the adventure. We started by looking at the treasure map, then we went into some kind of a cave when there were artifacts. We were finding the most interesting pieces of history, things that should be in the museum. The team member said we should go to another place and we got in a boat and left the kids on that island to go to the other place. As we got close the team member who had the idea to come there was snipered!

We were close to the cave but now we were afraid to go there. The janitorial service owner who was driving the boat said that several global intelligence agencies had warned them not to go there and threatened them. So he was pretty sure that was who snipered his friend. We immediately turned the boat around and quickly went back to get the kids from the island and left the lake.

I can’t really interpret this dream now. This is the kind of dream that will play out in little parts over the course of years of my life. If you’ve ever seen in the Bible where a prophecy will speak of Jesus at the first coming then immediately go into the second coming, it is like that in a way. The Lord gives people dreams that play out over many years and when the time comes for a part to be fulfilled you will dream or have a vision or suddenly remember that little part of the older dream and know what it means. But it does have to do with my family generationally.We will see how that all plays out in the long run.

Now into the Bible, we are in 1 Samuel and talking about David and Saul mostly. Very cool part of the Bible and David’s life tells many prophetic pictures of Jesus. Let’s look at the interplay between David and Saul and what that speaks to. It starts out with David being chosen to replace Saul as king. David means beloved and God spoke audibly at the baptism of Jesus saying this is my beloved son. We can start there at the baptism of Jesus and the time when the Holy Spirit came to rest upon Him and look side by side with David being anointed with oil.

From that time forward David went into the service of Saul. His brothers told him that he was doing wrong when he went to kill Goliath. Jesus went into he service of Israel, and stepped forward to destroy sin and death and his brothers also spoke against him in the same way. But Jesus destroyed the power of sin and death with it’s own sword, by living in the flesh without sin and dying. This is exactly what David did when he killed Goliath.

Then God’s people, Israel in the old and believers in the new, went out and took power over the enemy kingdom. Followers of Jesus became more numerous than biological Jews. Though the first believers were all Jews, this still made many of those who were born Jews but never knew God jealous. And they began to work with the Romans to kill the Christians. “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.” is a good picture from the old of how it would happen in the new.

Saul only grew more and more violent against David. But Saul’s son was kind to David and loved him. This shows the divide in the house of Israel. Many Jews grew through history in the ways of Saul and ended up in witchcraft and plotting the destruction of Christianity all across the world. This is where the ‘jewish’ conspiracy theories come from. But that was not the story of all Jews and the devil used it to attack Jews all through history. But in the ways of Jonathan many Jews still love God and love Christians and many have even come to believe that Jesus was the messiah.

David tried to show Saul that he was not against him, and Christians have reached out to Jews in the same way. Here is an interesting mystery, the same David and Saul split that followed Jews through history also followed Christians through history. Many Christians still love the Jews but others have been oppressive. This is all prophesied but it causes much confusion to those who don’t understand. It will come to the point soon where Christians will kill Christians and the world will not understand.

In time David went through a picture of the end times on his way to becoming king. He went to the battlefield against Saul but was rejected because they knew he would still help his people and his country. So he went back and all that was his had been stolen. He immediately sought God and God granted him everything that had always been promised. So he went after the thief and regained what was stolen and more. At the same time Saul and the house of Saul died in battle. At that time David walked into his kingdom. He began to rule Judah, then Israel, then took the territories of his enemies. This is the restoration of all things.

The same will happen with Jesus. He will be rejected from helping to fight against the false Jews and the false Christians as the pagans come down and destroy them. At the same time the true followers of God will be stolen from the camp of Jesus. But He will then rise up and retake them all, living and dead! The false worshipers will be killed by the worshipers of the gods. And Jesus will come into His kingdom and take charge of Israel and then the nations of the earth and He will rule them all!

Today’s reading was from 1 Samuel 16-28. I hope you can jump in and read with us. I pray that you would be given understanding of the scriptures. I pray that you would learn to discern the voice of God and follow His voice. I pray that you would walk in wisdom from now until the day Jesus comes into His kingdom. May you be bless with righteousness and may God bless all y’all.

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