The bread of the poor

Last night I dreamed that I was driving through the country listening to a hick hop song. It was a pretty good picture of my life now. But as I was driving a woman and her daughter drove by in the next car and looked at us and said, kinda judgie, ‘this isn’t the country’. Suddenly as they said this I turned left to a side road and now I was jogging next to a golf course in a nice neighborhood with a privacy fence. I think this dream is showing a transition that God is going to make in my life soon.

As I was about to wake up from this dream, I saw a sentence. I was only able to read it once to I can’t quote it perfectly, but I wrote it down as soon as possible. It said roughly, ‘Cry out over the cheap bread at Walmart that is casting the poor into a different class of people.’ Casting meaning creating a cast system, where the upper class can afford the good bread but the poor can only afford cheap bread. I’ve bought a lot of cheap bread in my day and I know it’s of different quality, but I never thought of it creating a cast system. But God wants us praying over the cheap bread. Maybe symbolically there is more to that but this was a literal sentence hanging in the air, so my tendency is to take it very literally.

As I was praying over the cheap bread and the cast system in the US I looked and the clock said 333 and I felt like it was from Jeremiah. So I looked it up and Jeremiah 33:3 is amazing. It says, ” Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” So I prayed for great and unsearchable things to be shown to me for about half an hour after that. I love sleeping because this is the kind of things that happen:) I hope that your nights are full of prayer and thanksgiving and revelation too.

Ok today in the Bible we are going to finish out Joshua and get into Judges a little bit. Let’s find Jesus in there somewhere. The first part of today’s section is about splitting up the inheritance of Israel by tribe. Now there’s a ton of symbolism in this but it takes some time to dig it out. You need to know the name meanings and histories of each person and place to really put that story together. But if you want to take the time and put all of that together it will tell the story of Jesus.

In Joshua 20 it talks about the cities of refuge, and that lights me up, I see Jesus here without any need for further study. Here’s the idea, there are certain cities spread around the country where a person can go to be safe from the avenger of blood. See under the law if you killed someone, you were to be killed. There was a set person to kill you too, that was the avenger of blood. This is a close relative of the person who died, so maybe a father or brother, there were rules for who it could be. But if the killing was an accident, there was a way not to be punished by the death that you deserved.

To find forgiveness, the person who accidentally killed someone, had to run to a city of refuge. He had to explain what happened to the elders of the city and they would give him a place in the city. Then he had to live there until the death of the high priest, at which time he was completely free from his death sentence. If you haven’t seen Jesus in this yet, let’s look at the same story in light of the gospel.

Jesus is the High Priest who had to die for the one deserving death to be completely free from the punishment of his sin. In the Old Testament this was a prophetic sign that at the time of the death of Jesus, for givens of sins would be finalized. Even before He died, a person could escape though. Remember when He died He went into the holding place of the dead and preached 3 days across the place of the dead like Jonah. After He was finished many of the dead were raised and walking around the city and He came out with the keys to death, hell and the grave.

There was a covenant under which a sinner was able to be free but they had to live in the place of refuge. But once the Jesus the High Priest died, they were free to go anywhere without punishment for sin. This is a prophetic picture of what Jesus would one day do so that those who sinned could be saved.

I hope you see Jesus on every page of the Bible. I pray that by seeing how the Bible speaks of Jesus you would gain understanding of the Spirit of Prophecy and of the purpose of Jesus. I hope that you will read along with me today. The reading was Joshua 15- Judges 2. I pray that you would always grow closer to God and my God bless all y’all.

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