This is not God’s judgement

I’m walking around and listening to preaching and praying and some understanding came together in me that I hadn’t understood before. So I thought I’d share. Biblically, God’s judgement isn’t happening against men on earth. That may sound strange, especially in a time when it seems like God is judging us, but that’s not what is happening.

In the Bible is says that it is appoint to men once to die and then the judgement. In another place it teaches that God has appointed a time to judge men at the end of the world. When you read the story of the plagues, you will read that God was judging the gods of Egypt when He judged the nation. Some Egyptians learned to fear God, and in that avoided some of the plagues. It wasn’t ever about destroying Egyptian people! It was about destroying those strongholds all the way to the highest level of society.

Those gods who had a stronghold over the nation of Egypt, were holding Israel as slaves but when God came to bring freedom He wasn’t fighting the people. Death is literally God’s enemy, yet it was one of the plagues. Meaning it wasn’t God, it was God letting what they worshipped destroy them. And for those who set their house in the prophetic picture of Jesus death couldn’t touch them.

The disruptions of the earth like what is happening now in the US and China and Europe and many places, are judgements on the gods that people are following. When we set our house in order to prophesy of Jesus, the plagues can’t harm us. God is freeing the nations from their worship of the gods and it’s in preparation for revival. Even those in Egypt, even those who worship death, will see God in this time and many will follow Him. This revival is such a beautiful thing.

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