Bible study 10

I feel blessed this morning. The revival that I’ve been dreaming of is happening. God is supernaturally moving things into place for an amazing strike of love into the earth. Untold millions are about to be restored, redeemed, delivered and blessed by God, from all over the earth and from all walks of life.

Ok so today we get into the book of Numbers and while there’s some amazing prophecy in the book of Numbers, it’s mostly about organizing and counting Israel. What does counting and organizing the nation in the wilderness have to do with Jesus? We know that the Bible says God is a God of order and we can see that displayed here. Each tribe was counted, told where to camp, who walks first, who carries what and things like this and that does point to God’s order.

The entire community was to camp around the tabernacle. Everything centered around the tabernacle. The tribes to the outside, the priests around it in the middle and the tabernacle at the center and when the Spirit moved, the camp moved. This a picture of the order of the church with Jesus at the center but led by the Spirit.

Everything inside the tabernacle was a picture of Jesus and the same is true of the order of the camp. Judah, the tribe of Jesus, was chosen to be counted first, they were the first to lead the camp. They were to the east and in Ezekiel the description of the New Jerusalem and the restoration of all things says this, “Then the man brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary, the one facing east, and it was shut.  The Lord said to me, “This gate is to remain shut. It must not be opened; no one may enter through it. It is to remain shut because the Lord, the God of Israel, has entered through it.  The prince himself is the only one who may sit inside the gateway to eat in the presence of the Lord. He is to enter by way of the portico of the gateway and go out the same way.” That prince is Jesus, the lion of the tribe of Judah, who camps to the east and leads the camp.

The Levites, the tribe of Marry mother of Jesus, were in the center around the tabernacle. They carried each part of the of the tabernacle on the journeys, the way they carried Jesus in the womb of Marry. ““‘But the Levitical priests, who are descendants of Zadok and who guarded my sanctuary when the Israelites went astray from me, are to come near to minister before me; they are to stand before me to offer sacrifices of fat and blood, declares the Sovereign Lord.” The priesthood will be restored at the restoration of all things.

Then we get to the part that no one ever seems to preach about. But as a gentile Christian it’s my favorite part! “ou are to allot it as an inheritance for yourselves and for the foreigners residing among you and who have children. You are to consider them as native-born Israelites; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel.  In whatever tribe a foreigner resides, there you are to give them their inheritance,” declares the Sovereign Lord.” The believer who is not a native born Israelite will be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel in whatever tribe we choose!

The Lord put the tribes in order, in the order that speaks best of Him. He is a God of order. We look at the world today and we see people destroying at night and another group of people picking up in the morning. If you want to find God, go to the ones that are putting things back in order. The world isn’t patterned after Heaven in its order but Israel was here in Numbers. God wants us to see Him in the patterns of order that speak truth. Eventually everything that is patterned against God will be torn down, but the patterns of God will live forever. And Numbers lays out many of the patterns of Heaven if we can see Jesus in them.

I hope you are all blessed by this. Today’s reading was Leviticus 27- Numbers 8. May the Lord bring you into the patterns of Heaven that He created before any of us existed. May our lives and the order of them point to Jesus for all eternity. And may God bless all y’all.

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