Bible study 8

I had a couple of dreams last night but I couldn’t quite make sense of either one. In one I was in a back yard. It felt like it was a setting from my past and from my family generations. It was just raining and raining until the chicken yard overflowed and one of the chickens floated through the shed and out the front door. So I went in to get the rest of the chickens out but it wasn’t working. One door would open while another closed, or the chickens would run the wrong way or they would try to scratch and peck at me. I’m obviously trying to do something that isn’t working right.

Then later in the morning I dreamed that I was visiting a house and some other people were visiting too. We all went to the greenhouse/chicken house/aquaponics house and we were just looking in at the setup. I liked the other visitors. But then I went down the road out back and I came to a bull. I went around it but it was angry and it chased me. So I drove faster and I looked back and the first bull has stopped but another bull chasing me and getting close. It took a little longer but I got away from the charging bull and I came to a parking lot. When I got out of the car there were battle lines being set up. I walked up to my side and targeted a giant officer on the other side. I showed the others who to shoot at, he was clearly the first one that needed to be taken out. But I was the only one shooting at him. I hit him 10 times in the head and chest but none of the shots did much damage. This the kind of dream that could take years to unfold and each step will be recognizable as it happens. But it shows that God is bringing me and others to a new place of provision. Then shows a time period where some kind of trouble is chasing me and all I will be able to do is survive these 2 major issues. And at the end it shows a major conflict and while I see what needs to be done I won’t be able to do it alone.

I would love for that to be better news, but the Lord doesn’t always tell you everything will be easy. He’s honest about what’s coming. And the truth is no matter how ugly life gets, it doesn’t mean I’m in trouble or something. It doesn’t mean I’m far from God. He’s so right here with me that He wants me to know when there’s trouble and we can walk or run or fight through it together. I think it was Job that said ‘should we only accept good from God and not trouble?’. The troubles of this world have a purpose. We grow in storms just like the garden does. It causes us to produce more fruit and that fruit brings eternal blessings. Eternal blessings are far more valuable than an easy life for 70 or 80 years.

Today we start into Leviticus and it is outlining the rules of offerings. What kind of offering, who sacrifices it, who eats it, who gives it, how it is done, and why it is done. There are sin offerings and peace offerings and guilt offerings and ordination offerings and more. But they are all representative of things that Jesus accomplished on the cross. He accomplished each of the offerings once and for all, He accomplished each of the feasts once and for all.

In Leviticus 8, there’s a series of offerings and when they make the offerings, the priests are to lay their hands on the head of the bull and kill it. This was always the plan, Jesus was supposed to have the priests kill him from the very beginning. Many people over the generations have been against the Jews because of this action. But it was prophesied right here that the priests were the only ones who were meant to kill the offerings.

Each part of these ceremonies was a prophecy. The book of Revelation talks about the alter in Heaven and teaches about the prayers of God’s people making the aroma that came up to God in the smoke of the alter. Leviticus talks about that aroma of the smoke of the alter being pleasing to the Lord. With each offering the blood was sprinkled on all sides of the alter. The blood of the lamb on the alter in Heaven calls out with the prayers of the saints and purifies them. The offerings are so thick with symbolism that it would take a book to outline the whole thing and I don’t know that I have the understanding it would take to write that whole book.

There’s another prophecy here that all Jewish and Christian people should know about. The strange fire. Today in America there is a whole movement where one part of the church attacks another part of the church claiming they are the ones who offer the strange fire before the Lord. That comes from today’s reading when 2 of Aaron’s 4 sons were killed by God himself because they made offerings that God never asked for. It says that they offered strange fire before the Lord and God burned them up.

I think this shows that half of Jews and half of Christians are not actually following God. They are just doing what they want to do and calling it Godly. Jesus makes this distinction in several parables. The wheat and the tares, the sheep and the goats, the servants that beat the other servants and so on. He says that at His return the angels will separate the weeds from the wheat and throw the weeds in the fire. The sheep and the goats explains it in simple terms. The sheep were those who loved and helped the other sheep. These are the brothers and sisters of Jesus and they represent Jesus not the earth. So what you do for those who follow God you do for Jesus and what you do not do for them you do not do for Him.

I pray that we would each spend our time finding ways to love each other and ways to do for each other. We are all kings and priests, every member of the church who follows the Spirit of God is the vicar of Christ as are Jewish people who follow the Spirit of God. But many people just say that they follow the Spirit of God but their god is the enemy of God and works lawlessness by being burden and not a help to God’s people.

I hope this is helpful to you. The spiritual reality is that we need to be helpful to each other in whatever way we know how. Today’s reading was Leviticus 1-14 and I’d love for you to read along. I want to leave us with a quote from the book of Revelation “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.” I pray that we will all be the kinds of people who do God’s will. God bless all y’all.

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