Bible study 7

Today, I read about one of my favorite things: the veil. I also woke up with a strong desire to go to the protests and try to round up all the Christians and have communion together. I have a whole slew of kids with me so I probably won’t but I think that believers need to be out here praying for each other and breaking bread. Now I know that not every protester is a Christian but they all need love and prayer and peace in their hearts. They are out there because a whole section of this country is spiritually wounded and those wounds need to be healed.

Since I can’t personally get out there, I’ve adopted a local black pastor and church to pray for. We need this healing and God answers when we ask for things that are in His character. We may not all be able to reach out in the same way, but we can all reach out somehow and try to bring healing to this situation.

Now the veil! I had a little vision one time of the Temple in Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. It had a keyhole in it and that keyhole was shaped like Jesus on His knees praying. To get into the Most Holy Place in the Temple where God meets with you face to face, you had to conform to the shape of Jesus. That unlocked access direct contact with God. In Exodus 34 Moses meets with God directly and he has to put a veil over his face. He was literally shining and it scared people.

We also need to shine. The world is dark and difficult and the only thing that can change that is the shining faces of people who conform to the image of love Himself. No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for another. So naturally when love came down, He decided to go all the way and show who He is. By doing that as a man in the same flesh that we have, He gave us the ability to do the same.

There are people today, in our own cities in the US who need us praying for them the way Jesus would, and loving them by laying down ourselves. We all have opinions and they are diverse and there is a time to talk about them. But right now it’s not time for opinions, it’s time to tend to the wounds of the spirits of our brothers and sisters. There is something between us right now just like there is a veil of flesh that separates us from God. But there’s a key, a way to pass through that veil and into the spiritual world. It is by changing our behavior to become like Jesus. No matter the situation this will work.

So in the current situation how do we conform to the image of Jesus in a way that reaches through the veil of fleshly desires, knowledge, attitudes, history and all of the things that are separating us right now? We lay those things aside, we lay down our own ways for another, we lay down the right to be angry. Can you imagine Jesus, mid crucifixion jumping down and throwing a fit about how this wasn’t right and He didn’t deserve to be treated this way? Of course not. He gave up His rights for others and prayed for forgiveness for those who had treated Him with cruelty and taken everything that He had in this world. He gave up this world for something better. I hope we can all find ways to give up this world for the next and make connections where all there appears to be are divisions.

I hope you guys are getting something out of this study. The verses for today are Exodus 29-40 and I hope you’ll join in reading it. I love looking for Jesus on every page. It all speaks of Him in one way or another. May you be blessed with understanding and may you receive the Holy Spirit and walk in His perfect calling on your life. God bless all y’all.

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