Bible study 5

I had a dream that I really don’t understand last night. I dreamed that I was given a vile of medicine that gives you Covid-19. Which seems like the opposite of medicine. And I rested with my father for a little while but after that I was sent to a class. People from all around the country were at the class. Many were from the phone company but I was from the satellite company. Everyone in the class took a walk and I went to see where, then we went back and started the class and one of the people in the class texted me. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m going to be getting sick, but it might, could also mean that the medicine for Covid is going to make more people sick. But after some time passes I’m going to the Global Awakening conference that I had planned during the pandemic. Most of them will be people who hear God, but I’m a person who receives information from God in a different way. One of those people is going to give me a word of some kind. I think that’s what that was all about.

Anyway, the riots are expanding and this is clearly a bad deal. As my dream yesterday said, we in the church need to be reaching out to the black community right now. Jesus doesn’t do racism, he does unity of purpose and unity in the Spirit of God. Now let’s find out more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God and the ways of God in the Bible. Today we are looking at the Exodus and this passage of scripture says a lot about Jesus and it says a lot about the spiritual condition of the U.S. right now. For this study I’m focusing on what it says about Jesus, but when you do your reading look for the applications to the plagues of today too.

The New Testament makes many references to Jesus being the Passover lamb and here in Exodus is where we find out what that’s all about. Of course we know that Jesus died on the last day of the Passover feast in Jerusalem and that he shared the bread and wine of communion on the night before. And honestly there is more symbolism in the Passover that points to Jesus, than I can possibly cover or even understand but I will try.

You know the story, God sends the plagues on Egypt because they refuse to listen to His word and let the Israelites go. After a couple of plagues, God started to make a distinction between Goshen where the Israelites lived and only sent plagues on the rest of Egypt. Eventually everything in the country was destroyed but there was one last plague, the killing of the first born sons. To protect Israel from the release of death itself, who would pass through the land and take all the firstborn of people and animals, God told Israel to do something. They needed to prophecy with their actions, speaking of their faith in sacrifice that would one day destroy the power of death. In the Spirit world this was an application of the power of Jesus, even though they did not understand it yet.

Each family was instructed to slaughter a lamb, each the lamb, eat unleavened bread, and cover their doorposts with the blood of the lamb. Why would this protect anyone from death? Why did God choose this pattern as a way of protecting His people? The answer is they were acting out His plan to protect His people from death for all eternity. By applying that plan the people could be protected even as death was released over the place they lived.

What was the plan? Hosea summed it up well, prophesying, “I will pay the price to free them from the power of the grave.” God’s plan was to become the sacrifice, the only sacrifice pure enough to be applied eternally from the beginning to the end of time on earth as well as after the earth is finished. The lamb of God is when God made Himself into a man and let Himself be killed even though He was without flaw. But just killing the lamb wasn’t enough. Each family had to kill the lamb for itself. If the family refused to do this, they were cut off and unprotected. They were no longer God’s people and death retained its power over them.

Each family would be saved by following all of the instructions. They needed the sacrifice, they needed to put the blood on their doorposts, they needed to eat the sacrifice and they needed unleavened bread. Jesus is the sacrificial lamb for each family. But each family must choose to put His blood on their doorposts, to follow Him and believe in Him. Each family needed to eat the lamb and the supper together, this is a picture of communion, which is a picture of receiving Jesus’ body and blood as your personal atoning sacrifice. And the bread without yeast is the truth about God without pride. Yeast, like pride, puffs up. We are required to be humble and realize that this was not done by our own goodness or our right to be saved. We can’t be good enough and we can only receive Jesus as our sacrifice in humility.

Every household that followed the pattern that God gave them was protected from death. But death reached into every household that did not follow the pattern that God gave. The same is true today. Each of us must humbly accept that Jesus did what we couldn’t, that His death takes away our sins, we must put His blood on our doorposts showing the world we are His, not hiding our light, and we must consume the Holy Spirit to get God into us.

The pattern God set forth has never been clear to the human mind. Logic isn’t smart enough to put everything together. But He can reveal Himself and He did when He came to the earth. He revealed His heart and His will and His desire for us to come to Him. If you want to read along today’s reading was Exodus 1-15 and it is very pertinent to what is happening in the world today. I pray that whoever reads this will come to a saving knowledge for the truth. God bless all y’all

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