The three visions I had when Billy Graham died.

I have a somewhat personal connection to Billy Graham. I was saved at a Billy Graham crusade, one of his last. His ministry also began in 1947, which God specifically had me study the events of that year. I’ve also seen his son Franklin speak in person. I know what people say about him being a mason and I don’t know what to say about all of that. I know a lot about the masons, but I also know God and I know He really worked through Billy Graham.

The week Billy Graham died I had a vision each night, 3 nights in a row leading up to the night he died. We are living right in the middle of one of those visions. I don’t think all of the details have worked out yet and I feel like the others will come soon. I’ve shared these many times in other places but I want to share them in this blog as well. I feel that these events are close enough now to be almost urgent.

The first one is the one we are in the middle of now. I was standing on an airplane. The plane was filled with young professionals. Suddenly the plane started acting like it was going to crash. One person out of all the young professionals on the plane screamed out for Jesus but the rest were silent. I called out for someone to go pray with the one. Now at this point we can see a couple of things. One is that this is economic and especially going to effect younger workers. Two is that the goal of this shaking is to get these people who feel they don’t need God, to wake up and cry out to Him!

At this point I went to the front of the plane and looked out of the windshield. The plane went down hard but at the last minute it pulled up and flew over a river. At this point in the vision the plane went down and landed. It was a rough landing but the plane wasn’t destroyed. The stock market is rebounding now but it will go down again and the economy with it. God is giving us a chance to get in position.

At this point I saw my ex wife talking to my children. That is a personal moment that I’m supposed to recognize for the sake of understanding the timing of how it all unfolds. But then the interesting thing happened. A voice yelled, ‘take the oil out’ and I saw a man come and drain the oil out of the engine of the plane. This is very important to understand in preparing for this economic crisis. The oil is more than one thing, it is oil which we see has already gone crazy with the price dropping below zero at one point. Oil is going to have some wild swings during this time and major oil companies may even go under or be priced so low that the church can buy them for pennies.

But oil means something else. The oil in the engine of the economy is low interest rates. Since the early 1980s when Vaulker raised rates to the sky, every time the US needed to boost the economy the Fed would cut rates. The sling shot was pulled back so far that they could shoot the economy forward for 40 years! But today rates are at zero and the Fed is dropping boat tons of cash on everything to try and keep the economy going. It’s not working and it’s going to cause massive inflation. That will get worse when foreign countries lose confidence in the dollar and global trade goes off of the dollar. This system is called the petrodollar because it started with the trade of oil. That another oil link. When it all flies apart and becomes unsustainable, the first drastic step will be high interest rates. This may not be the last step and the dollar may be replaced. But they will try to pull that sling shot back again.

That means we are looking at a series of ups and downs. We are in a deflation now that is bigger than the great depression. But soon that will get pumped into an inflation the likes of which none of us have ever seen. That will have to be brought under control and to drive inflation back down towards deflation high interest rates will be necessary. Not just a few percent, in the 80s it had to go up to 20% or something so high it has been long forgotten that rates that high are even an option. In the early 1800s, this kind of move made the central bank rich, led to war, and eventually the central banks were ousted from the US.

The next night I had a war dream. I was high up over the water looking down from a very nice apartment. I looked and saw all the way to Korea. It seemed like this was not North or South Korea but all of Korea together. That makes complete sense given todays events. South Korea under the former head of the UN has grown more and more communist. They have also started aligning less with the US. If they announce the war is over reunite, the US loses all legal authority to be there. So I expect the 2 to reunite first.

Then I saw Korea put a nuclear ICBM in the water. North Korea has been testing their nukes in submarines so I feel like that is how that will work out. Then I looked back into the bay that was in front of me. I saw a group of men on a US naval vessel and another group of me jump out of the water behind them. They each grabbed a man from behind and cut their throats. This was terrifying and I tried to run but I just woke myself up trying. This will shock people but after Korea is reunited, they will attack our navy somehow.

The following night, the night Billy Graham died, I dreamed of an earthquake. I saw my home state of Arkansas from way up high like a map. I saw the earthquake start up in the northeast corner. If that doesn’t sound like a normal fault line that you hear about it actually is, sort of. That is the basic location of the New Madrid fault. This fault was the location of one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded in the late 1800s. It was so severe it made the Mississippi River run backwards for a little while.

The earthquake that I saw was a 9.8 which would be the new largest earthquake in history. It would literally shake the entire planet so hard that it would be felt everywhere. The Bible talks about an earthquake that shakes the whole earth and this could be the same one or it could be a different one I’m not sure. But this will be right in the middle of the US and I suspect that it will fulfill several prophesies of the last 50 years or so. Splitting the US from top to bottom, changing the course of the Mississippi River, maybe even running it right through Chicago. These are things that others have told that the Lord showed them and I believe it is coming in the next 3 years, maybe very soon. I expect it every day.

These are all components of the perfect storm which John Paul Jackson talked about years ago. He said the events would mostly not start for 10 years and would be kicked off by the death of 2 of God’s generals. One of those generals was Billy Graham and the other turned out to be Rienhard Bonnke. As soon as Bonnke died, this all kicked off hard. We are in for some serious stuff so I think we need to remember what’s important.

First of all, repentance is important. We all need to start chasing after God and put down our own ways, the end is too close for anything else. Second of all, revival is happening! God is using this to call people and those people and what God does with them are called revival! This is a great time and the church is going to grow very fast, very soon! Third of all, don’t get soft. God is using this time to train people and make them strong in faith, word and action! And forth of all, hold onto your butts because God is going to pour so much amazing on us soon that we will struggle to handle it! Be excited, be encouraged, this is going to be incredible and the whole world will see it!!

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