Naval battle

Last night I dreamed that I was on a ship. The ship was attacking a much larger ship. They were trying to blast us with torpedoes but I started driving and dodged them. We weren’t very powerful, all we had were a few rifles to attack with. So we planned on circling them and shooting the ones on the deck until more ships arrived and trying for the captain.

Next I went into the kitchen. We were running low on food, so we started getting creative with what we had left. Once we figured out how to make a good meal out of what we had, we started to have fun. We were showing the younger people how to dance the way we did before they were born. We ended up having a dance party and laughing during the battle.

While I am waiting on a vision of a literal Naval battle to be fulfilled, this one was far from literal. Our little ship was a ship of revivalists. We only have so much we can do right now. But we are gonna do what we can, we are going to wait for more to come, we are going to go after the enemy with what we have now, we are going to celebrate, teach the younger ones and dodge the attacks! We are going to celebrate what God is doing now!

The oceans were peoples, nations and languages in the Bible and that huge ship was the enemy kingdom. It’s bigger than us now but our Father is bigger than all of it. We may not feel like we are winning but we are winning! Even if we die we are winning! We need to be creative with what we have, we need to be empowered by the Joy of God, and we need to take our little weapons of prayer and pray that the captains of the enemy’s camp get exposed because that will shut that ship down! No weapon formed against us will prosper!

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