Exciting day

Today has been an exciting day! Not because of anything that I’ve done but because God is lining up several things. For one a conference that I’ve dreamed (literally in dreams) of going to several times is coming to my area. I had 3 different dreams of praying for someone who was having a heart attack mid conference and the heart attack stopped. But it was a few years ago and I haven’t thought of it in some time. But here it is! I hope that dream is literal because that would be amazing!

Another thing is that my wife’s health is improving. We’ve had an ongoing cancer scare for a couple of years. But the places they were watching are gone now. No more cancer concerns! God is good guys! We just found that out this morning and it’s such a relief.

I’ve also had some exciting new dreams. I tend to have to wait for years for most of my dreams to happen so I hang on to them for a long time and write about them so that I remember some extra details. I’ve dreamed of my church’s new building and the return to church. The process may work out this way everywhere. When we go back to church there will be fewer people than before. Only the old, committed types will come back at first. But in time there will be new Christians bringing in new Christians upon new Christians… The revival is going to be in full force in a couple of years. I’m getting to be a part of it and that’s going to be a special time for us all.

I also had a realization of the way the Bible says the early church arranged service. They did communion as a central feature. They taught about Jesus from Bible. Not about the ‘meaning of the text’ or ‘principles to live by’ but how the Bible from cover to cover points to Jesus. This is going to be a central theme shift of churches everywhere soon. And there was ministry training. This has already started, many churches are training every member for ministry but this is going to increase significantly during the revival. No need for 2 fast songs, 2 slow songs and blah blah blah, we just need to take communion, teach Jesus and learn to do what He did. It seems so simple but I’ve never been to a church that functioned this way. I’m really excited to see that playing out!

The Lord has blessed us so much and I am so grateful for all of it. I’m ready to see what the 3 investments that He promised to show me during the recession will be. I’m excited to hear how my business will work to replace mine and my wife’s income. I’m excited for so many things I’ve been praying for to start happening. The Lord is really doing something amazing right now! It’s so special to just wait on Him to do things and not try to force it. I have a lot of growing left to do but I feel like I’ve grown to a level of comfort with waiting on Him to answer. I’m confident that He will. God bless you guys.

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