Things I want to talk about

This is mostly for my own benefit but I have several ideas for what to talk about on here. They all surround the general theme of getting ready for the end times and getting out of the system. But that includes a lot of different things and means different things in different places in the world. I want to create a full food production plan for a small space. Which may means something different to me, but I think a large yard and some hunting and fishing can provide for most people. Half an acre or an acre should be enough land, but more is always useful.

I want to do a full on Bible study and talk about Jesus a lot! It’s much more important to know Him than the rest of the plans that we can make. But I do want to make plans that address our issues today. Not just a vague, ‘grow your own food’ kind of idea but the strategies that make is all work. I want to look into the early church and how they used codes like the ‘Jesus fish’ in the times of the apostles. We need a new code system. We need home churches. We will need to talk about prayer and we need to be praying together regularly.

We will have to have some business ideas so I want to talk about and teach about business. I’d love to break my entire formal education down to the key ideas and teach everyone the fundamentals of business. But I also want to talk about the uses for a business in the end times. They get special legal treatment and they can buy things in the economy even when a believer can’t. I want to create a strategy for making that work in real life.

I want to talk about conquering our American food addiction. We need to be trimming down, getting in shape and getting disciplined. It can’t be the focus of life but we will need to be healthy and we cannot afford to live food addicted or addicted to anything. We need to be able to go days without food and still function. And I think I can help people with the strategy that makes that possible.

I have to talk about money management too. We don’t have the luxury of debt anymore. It’s time to get things paid off, save up, maybe pay your property taxes 7 years in advance, maybe pay your utilities 7 years in advance… We will want to have energy and we don’t want to get foreclosed on after the bad stuff starts. People are going to be in need and we can’t give if we are the ones in need.

I also want to talk about history and the things that God is teaching me right now and how it all relates. I’m a context person and a strategy person. Those are my biggest skills in life. So naturally, I want to weave strategy and context into everything I do. But I also want to talk about them on their own merits.

And last of all I have to talk about current events. Every piece of news, every new idea in the world of science and education and politics and business… they all matter. These are the things that are effecting the world and we are going to have to navigate this world. We can do that by knowing Bible prophecy, Biblical lifestyle and what in world is actually happening. The news is often lying and we have to figure out why and what God would have us do that the world wants us to avoid. So this blog is going to be about all of that. And eventually I’m going to need to monetize it somehow. I’ll probably put together some books on each of these subjects and recommend products at some point. But first I need an audience so one step at a time I guess. God bless yall, more on all of that coming soon.

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