The Babylon Pelican

Night before last I had a dream. I was preparing a truckload of food to deliver and I got in the cab. When I looked out the window I saw a large Pelican. I heard that its name was Babylon and I saw teeth in its beak. Obviously this was abnormal so I looked closely and these teeth were like the teeth of a predator. They were sharp and there were arranged like a sharks teeth in the beak of this Pelican named Babylon.

At this point the dream switched and a military man was on a base in Babylon. He left the base and began teaching those of us in the city of God about Babylon. He kept going back and forth and all night I was taught about Babylon from what amounted to a spy from out of their own camp.

I didn’t know what to think of all this but I know that God has been preparing me to understand the enemy camp. He first prepared me to understand His own city and people by having my read only the Bible for several years and really learn it. After that He prepared me to understand the context of history by having me study the apocrypha and everything that happened in 1947. Now He has assigned me to learn ‘stories and histories’. This is a preparation for what He wants me to do as my life’s mission. I’m being made into a giant slayer, I’m being made into an end times general, I’m being made into a protector of the sheep from the wolves, I’m being made into something unusual that God has specially designed me for in order to help people in the last days. I am not there yet but I’m years into the preparation.

As I study the stories and histories that I was told in a dream to study, I am running into the fact that I am now able to easily discern the Holy Spirit in the life of a person and I am also becoming able to quickly spot the work of darkness. This has made it much more interesting to read history as well as the news. It’s not so much a gift as it is a skill that has come as a byproduct of God’s training.

Back to Babylon, we know the origin story but let me restate its place in history. It was the first location of a one world government. It was the first place where all of the world gathered to ascend to heaven by the work of men. It was the first time that the goals of the devil were almost fully achieved. There was no war, but there was no peace because you cannot have peace without God and Babylon lived without God. Babylon religiously operated under the demonic hierarchy with satan at the top of the order. Satan was god under their system, and that is why they were able to coordinate so well. They were going to reach the tower to heaven so that the demonic hierarchy and the humans could all ascend and descend like the angels were able to do on Jacob’s ladder.

If you’ve ever seen Jacob’s ladder it looks more like an escalator than a ladder. But at the top, there is a door way open and Jesus stands in that door. He is the one who allows ascending and descending between heaven and earth. The entire point of Babylon was to find a way to that wasn’t Jesus.

Down the road Babylon would become the head of the first empire. They would become the central location of the one world religion. They would be the first to teach a different creation story. The home of the old earth, the home of the idea of aliens or gods that were the rulers of the universe. They would be the first to take away God’s land, to destroy the people of the old covenant and the covenant itself. They would be the people who destroyed the temple and took away captive all of Israel. They were the head of gold at the top of the world’s empires. As the head they would be the last to fall when the rock of Jesus smashed into the Roman Empires at the feet and began to topple the kingdoms of this world. And they hold a special place in prophecy as the mystery kingdom of the antichrist. They are the devil kingdom mysteriously.

Just like the mystery of marriage is Jesus and the Church, mystery Babylon will require a certain kind of understanding. They will not be seen necessarily but they will do the things Babylon did. They will follow the old religion, they will carry God’s people captive, they will be try to work to get to heaven, they will not come through Jesus, they will unify the world to a common goal, they will be ruled by the devil himself, but they will worship many gods in the hierarchy.

I learned most of this as I was writing it. But yesterday after the dream I wasn’t sure about that Pelican. So I looked it up in the Bible. The Pelican was one of the unclean birds and of course the Bible says Babylon will be a haunt for unclean birds. The Pelican is judged when the world is judged in Isaiah. Each of these unclean animals represents something in the world as the old testament prophesies of many things and only the Holy Spirit is capable of interpreting those things to us.

Later in the day yesterday the Lord led me to watch some preaching and Todd White came on. This is where the connections came together. He had been given The American Gospel dvd and had a dream about the deception happening in the church. I was recently told to watch that same dvd by some people in my church and I also had a dream of that movement. In my dream it became violent against ‘prosperity’ preaching and left a shark bite and blood on a Joel Osteen book.

God has been telling me about that movement for years but it’s growing and it’ll become violent. But that’s not the only persecution that will come from the church without God. Much persecution will come against Christians from within the church. These people are not actually Christians and they believe that we are not actually Christians. The difference will be in the fruit.

Jesus told the apostles to let a stranger preach in the Jesus name even though he wasn’t with them. The apostle Paul said the it didn’t matter if Christ was preached for the right reason or the wrong reason, it was good that Christ was preached. This is enough for a basic understanding of scripture that we shouldn’t be attacking churches. In fact, in Matthew 25 Jesus defines the goats who are judged not to have been in the kingdom, to be the ones who would not help His family. Earlier in Matthew He defines family as those who do the will of the Father. When Jesus prayed for the church He prayed for unity. There are countless examples, enough to form a real doctrine. The Bible seems to be screaming at us not to attack each other!

But here we are, inches from serious persecution. People who do not believe and do the words of Jesus, people who blaspheme the Holy Spirit are trying to stop the great and last revival. Dr Martyn Llord Jones explains in his book Revival that the people who always stand in the way of revival are the people who oppose the subsequent experience. That is the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The group making these strange fire videos and conferences are doing exactly that. They are evil workers using human understanding to explain how the Bible tells them to oppose the church. They are blind and following the devil and they are leading many people who don’t have enough oil in their lamps to support the beating of the servants of God.

This is the pelican with the sharks teeth. The unclean bird, the foul spirit that is flying over close to us in America right now. There are many unclean things attacking the church and trying to stop revival right now. And this is one of those great demonic strongholds. The hardest things about the pelican is that it is within the ranks of what most today call church. But it is antichrist in nature and God is warning His people, get the oil in your lamps! You will need to be close to God if you are going to understand things like this as they arise. They make is sound so good when they say it is more righteous to give to Planned Parenthood than to give to Bethel Redding! It is a sweet prideful poison but it should be enough to give away the spiritual nature of just how evil this whole thing is. It will be enough for those who have oil in their lamps.

The end is very very close, which means we need to be very very close to God if we are going to endure to the end and be saved. This pelican is pouring honey in the ears of those who would heap up teachers to themselves. It is an accuser of the brethren that has come to take a spoil. This pelican is spearheading the great falling away of our time or maybe of all time and the end of time. We must unite with the Holy Spirit and conform to the image of Christ! We must have learn the scriptures but in them we do not have life. The life is in the blood! If we do not come to Jesus we will never understand the scriptures. The people who crucified Him knew the words on paper, but Jesus is the word in flesh. We must become like Him, not learning what the scriptures say, but learning how to behave like Jesus and do what He did. We must let the word become flesh in us! That’s the way Jeremiah described the new covenant. The word would no longer be on tablets of stone but it would be written in flesh! Join the church and write the word into your own flesh by doing the word and living the word! Any effort to do so each day will store up oil for your lamp and we’re all gonna need it soon.

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