The grand conspiracy

I listen to a lot of alternative information, much of which is considered conspiracy theories. There’s a lot to learn in that but yesterday I saw an ugly root come through it. I was listening to some people teach about the demonic in a nonchurchy way. It was interesting to see a worldly perspective on the demonic and the darkest corners of the occult and black magic. But by the end it switched around and started talking about how Christian communion was a version of these blood rituals and some other things that I know not to be true.

Then it went into a solution and I understood what was happening. It was the same thing from a prepper movie that I watched a few days before calling preppers ‘fellow travelers’. ‘Fellow traveler’ is an occult phrase that has to do with reincarnation. Well the answer that this documentary came up with for the dark demonic forces was similarly occultist.

They defined demons pretty well, but then they came up with a white magic, new age type of solution. The idea was focus on good things. Not the worst idea but as a means to fight in the spiritual realm what it leads to is the creation of pride and other hard to spot evils. So while the conspiracy theory was pretty accurate over all, they still fell into the larger trap.

The bigger conspiracy than black magic and the underworld of humanity, it whole tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As long as there are both good and evil, there is a fight. The fight ultimately leads to evil. Let’s use nations as an example. One nation comes along and starts killing everyone, taking over countries, committing horrible sins against humanity and what happens? A good nation rises up and fights them. In the process the good nation kills everyone, takes over countries and commits horrible sins against humanity to stop the bad nation. It’s the classic tale of heroes, it’s the yin and yang of the world.

That’s the world’s system. Have a false light fight against darkness and the fight never ends because one puppet master is producing the evil that can’t be forgiven and the pride to think that doing evil to force out the other evil is somehow going to fix it all. But evil can’t drive out evil, and hate can’t overcome hate.

Love doesn’t fight harder and more aggressively, it lays down itself to help the hurting. Love allows itself to be killed and beaten and robbed in order to give life and health and property to those who need it. The world can’t understand that and no one is ever trained up to be ‘walked all over’. The world needs a lot of love right now. We can give what we have to meet that need and hopefully spark a few people to do the same. Jesus did it this way and He left instructions to follow. Walk through the persecution and love the one that hates you.

I’m trying to grow in this. The truth is I got so mad at someone for harming my children in the slightest way, that I could hardly function not 2 days ago. But thankfully God can bring us back from the brink and restore us. That’s what He wants to do for everyone. He wants us to repent and turn to Him. That means stop doing what we’ve been doing, and just move towards God instead. Pray, read the Bible, try! Figure out who He is and what He wants. You can’t get that in one sitting, it’s a commitment. I pray when I’m sleeping and I pray when I’m bored and I pray when I walk and I pray when I work. I read the Bible in the morning and I watch preachers in the afternoon. Why? To move closer and closer to God everyday. I pray for people who hurt my kids. Why? To act the way He would act. I walk through hard things without blaming God. Why? Because He didn’t make the world this way. But He does plan to repair it and I want to partner with Him in that.

If every person on earth, turns the other cheek, there would be no more oppressors. What Jesus taught works. Doing what Jesus taught destroys the works of the devil. The devil wants nothing more than for you to solve the world’s problems with pride or fighting back. That way the problem can just keep going. Ever see a cop break up a fight by telling the people to hit harder? No, someone has to stop. Sometimes God is using the cop or the good guy or the hero to make something stop because love does protect. But love doesn’t protect itself.

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