The shift

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been struggling. I’ve had so many setbacks the last several years it has been ridiculous. I’m living right in the middle of a spiritual war and I can feel it every day. Yesterday was no exception. I had so many struggles with my kids, with my school and I felt beaten down all day long. But something broke loose yesterday. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just like a few months back when I started feeling that a revival was beginning.

The second I started celebrating revival all hell broke loose. All travel was shut down, the news was selling death and fear of disease and the economy was forced into failure. Yesterday as I sulked over my problems and attempted to eat my feelings, I noted the Obamagate trend online. Suddenly it hit me that things are turning. The attack that was trying to stop us has brought about a backlash. The backlash is going in the direction of good!

This is by no means over. But the Obama administration is going down the tubes. I dreamed about it years ago. We have 3 more years of trouble coming. All of this economic and political trouble is going to stir up everything around the world and change our lifestyles here. But the revival is happening! And we are advancing into the enemy camp to overcome evil with good as I write!

Something shifted and the next few months are going to be different from the last few. Strongholds are being taken down, evil is being exposed and God is raising up a motivated church! People are not going to be comfortable with the way things used to be. Things aren’t going back to the comfort of our previous way of life. They don’t need to either. The swings are about to be extreme, a guy like me living in a trailer just trying to get a family raised, could suddenly get a stock tip in a dream and fund an entire ministry. A multimillion dollar ministry with a tv evangelist that has become a household name could suddenly be brought to nothing. The same with business. A company like Exxon could look up one day and be gone and an unknown local company could find itself on the DOW 30.

Every walk of life is about to be rearranged like this. Families with a destructive former spouse will find that problem gone. The person may suddenly be saved and come into the Kingdom or they may suddenly be gone and never return. Pastors, politicians, universities, and every sphere of life is going to be changed in ways no one thought possible. Harvard could be shut down next week. California could split into 2 states or become conservative. The Democrat party could vanish. The Clintons could get arrested. The CIA could get shut down. India could take over Pakistan. Turkey could overthrow Iran. The US currency could end up constitutionally administered and gold backed!! These are crazy times!

Everything is going to be a surprise unless you are in prayer. Even the there will be surprises but you just my find that what shocks the world becomes a wind at your back pushing you into something amazing. The most important thing is to get close to God and hang on because the shift is hitting the fan.

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