Systems Collapse

I woke up this morning from a vivid dream where a friend told me to take a particular path. We were heading up the river, through the woods, to his grandmothers house in a canoe. But where the river crossed the road he told me I had to get out and go on the bronze path. He pointed at 4 different roads of all kinds and going in different directions, some even went into the air. I couldn’t tell which one was bronze but the words were in my brain to started looking up things about bronze.

I quickly came to a series of videos on the collapse of the Bronze Age and I could see so many parallels to what is happening today. The interlinked supply chains of the largest empires of the day and eventually invaders came in to take a spoil. With the Covid 19 in full swing, the supply chains of the world are collapsing. This is a great blessing if you don’t want to go through the hardest time in world history right away.

The reason this could be a blessing, is the globalization of industry is part of what will ultimately bring us into the end times. Industry, religion, government and the various systems of the world will be coordinated somehow. This is how the world will bring in the ‘New Age’ and the millennium. This belief is different in the occult system than it is in ours.

There isn’t much left between the world and the one world system. But a systems collapse, like what brought the bronze age to an end could potentially slow things down. This is a rock/hard place moment in history. But in either case: whether the supply chain collapses, and the money collapses slowing down the inevitable; or whether those collapses are used to push us directly into the last days; the same solution works.

Decentralized production is the only pathway to freedom from the oppression that is around the corner. We can’t exactly build cars in the yard, though I suppose we can rebuild them. Cuba has been reusing the same cars since the 50s and they manage to make that work. They are forced to do that because of the decisions of government, but governments don’t get out under a tree and fix the old cars, that’s what the people do to make cars a thing there.

And the world outside of the system will look a lot like Cuba. The doctors don’t make much more money than the field hands. They all live the same lifestyle. The government gives out some rice and very low income to everyone. They supplement that with fruit trees and gardens. They fix every old thing that breaks, there is no way to replace things. Whole neighborhoods split the cost of somethings so that there will be one. And the easiest way to improve your life is to tattle on your neighbors for opposing the system.

Much of the world works this way, but in the US we are wholly unprepared for anything like that. But our system is set up to move us in that direction little by little. Progressively, you might say.

A systems collapse would be a blessing but it would probably only buy us a few years, less than 100 I suspect. The technology and the power structure are in place, if the system collapses they rebuild it after the same model to go in the same direction and it will be bigger than it was before. Either way, it is time to unplug from the system. Maybe it collapses, maybe it’s rebuilt, maybe it gets taken over by the antichrist but one thing is certain, we better not count on this system to feed us and provide for us. We need to feed and provide for ourselves with God’s help and produce enough to help out someone else. The whole thing is crashing down around our ears.

The truth is, in times of revival, it always feels like the end times. It has for 2,000 years. That feeling drives people toward God and God meets them there.

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