The Octopus

The octopus is used in art to describe something that has its tentacles in everything. Art communicates so much better to people than logic because it connects the use of mind and spirit. Whether it’s music, tv, movies, paintings, dance or any form of art, when it engages the unused parts of the brain with the emotions you can bet something spiritual is taking place. These parts of a person are not controlled by the logical mind. For someone to communicate directly with the spirit is a powerful thing. That’s why so much of what drives us in hard to explain.

The same is true in reverse. When we see something, imagine, dream, hear strange sounds, feel unexplainable feelings or any other form of spiritual interaction it can be very hard to explain with the logical mind. That is only a small percentage of our brain’s capacity after all. This is why there are so many different ways of explaining things. Some like to pretend it doesn’t exist, some like to play with it, some look to various religious teachings, some make up their own but very few truly understand the system. If you don’t understand the system of spiritual experience it is easy for you to be led into all sorts of things by those experiences. It is also easy to avoid them altogether and pretend they don’t happen to you.

I’ve spent my life back and forth between trying to understand, and trying to avoid. But ultimately the experience of the spiritual became as normal and natural to me eating and drinking. It’s just a part of life. I see many people coaxed into various ways of believing and behaving based on reaction to the spiritual world. But it is a rare soul indeed who walks down both paths just to see what they look like. I’m one of those rare souls. God has sent me to learn about some really strange stuff and He has built a lot of discernment through the process.

I’m definitely no the first one to go this route. The Talmud says that the priests were required to learn witchcraft so that they would know how to judge cases. They needed to recognize if they were being spiritually deceived. It didn’t work out for all of them. Moses tells us that as early as Aaron the priests were bowing down to false gods. As early as Jacob, the tribe of Levi was prophesied untrustworthy. Ezekiel was shown priests bowing down to the sun, moon and stars in temple. God said He hated this detestable practice, a detail H.P. Blavatsky skipped right past when she wrote her version of that event, explaining how God is really satan. So it’s no shock that many priests missed the coming of Jesus.

Those are really the only 2 systems available for understanding the spiritual world as it turns out. There is the system where God is the God of the Jews and He sent Jesus to extend His covenant, His Spirit and His forgiveness to all who would come to Him. And the system of the in which satan is the causeless first cause, an aloof god who used fellow gods to create the items universe but he being the universe itself. One spiritual force working through all of nature. Made of his 3 parts, a god of good, a god of evil and a god of the sea all rolled into one. The leader of the many religions of the world, all except one, which as it happens is no religion at all, just the other system.

The interesting thing about these 2 systems is that they are both real. Each one exists in some form and neither is fully understood even by it’s most devoted followers. But we all experience these systems in the world and so we try to find or create answers to explain these strange experiences. This leads me to my story of the octopus.

I was driving to work around 4:30 one morning. I pray while I drive and that morning was no different. My place of employment was across the street from a strip club at the time. In fact, most of my career was spent in the industrial parks in that area. I worked nearby for 15 years at that time. In my more sinful days I once met some members of a rather well known criminal organization inside on one of my occasional visits. But by this time God had found me and changed all of that.

The strip club was still open at that time of the morning and about a mile down the street as I was driving towards work and praying, I saw it. Not with my eyes you understand but in a flashing picture that I think of as a vision. I saw the outside of the building with an octopus floating over the top of it. That octopus was sending out thousands of little spirits the size of a person to go and draw people in to visit and spend their money. I could tell this was some serious witchcraft that ensured that the strip club prospered financially. But I didn’t know the half of it yet.

This vision sent me in search of some understanding. That was nearly a decade ago and I’m just finding the tip of the iceberg. This octopus is weaved throughout the world. If you know any CIA history you just need to take a few more steps to start understanding it. This is a global system. It includes government organizations, cults and the occult, organized crime, drug trafficking, law enforcement, big business, small business, banking, the military, media, entertainment, education and basically has its tentacles into everything. It’s like Hydra from the comic books. It is a cult, the original cult. Trying to subvert the entire world.

It takes a seriously long history lesson to explain how all of this can be one thing or how some people in these organizations are not a part of it at all. It’s not specifically about the organizations of the world. It’s about the belief systems of people and the groups that set agendas within the belief systems, and the groups that control the gateways to authority and set the rules for that. There is a coherent global system that operates within the existing structures.

The octopus is hard to see because it isn’t ‘official’ it’s spiritual. The kingdom of darkness across the world works towards absolute control of everything and the Bible says, they are going to get it! Not as the wrath of God, but as a refiners fire. Their belief system is based on that of ancient Babylon which is why I think the Bible refers to this as mystery Babylon. The sooner we are able to step away from this system, the easier the end times will be and the more people we can help when they come along.

The Bible says this will happen but most of the church just doesn’t believe the Bible. You know why? Because the octopus has tentacles in the church too! That is also in the Bible. Remember John talking about discerning the spirits? Or Paul pointing out the false apostles? The New Testament is full of warnings against the secret knowledge of the gnostics. They held the same beliefs then as they do today and the same as they did 8,000 (or how ever many) years ago when Cane set up the first city. The antichrist is gnostic. This umbrella term includes a variety of systems but the belief structure stays the same.

So what on earth do you do to get out of a global system? First you have to realize that not everyone will. Many people ‘prepare’ for the end times by getting guns and bullets. But that’s actually based on the gnostic teaching about the battle of Armageddon that have weaved their way into the church. They want to be able to blame it on you when you fall into the trap of their plan. But Jesus told us not to do that, so we shouldn’t do that. Nothing in the Bible says the end times army is a bunch of Christians with guns. The ones with taking up arms as the world does and going to be fighting on the wrong side.

Second, go old school. What did people do before cities? What did the original settlers in the US do to survive? How do people live in much of the world today on virtually no money? What do the Amish do? The answer is a thing called husbandry. People live outside of the cities, grow food, raise animals and create the basic things they need to live. And at the same time they have what today might be called a side hustle. This is an important key. Produce something to sell or trade to other people. This is a very simple, healthy lifestyle. You may need a hunting weapon or a fishing pole to take up the slack but this is the solution to the end times.

That’s not as easy as it sounds. We have to do things like get out of debt, move in many cases, learn new old skills, and more. But this takes away the power of the world system. And if the end doesn’t come, it works well that way too! It’s healthier, it fixes the manufacturing issues, it fixes debt and banking issues, and many more of the world’s crazy problems. Any steps you can begin to take towards this will get you and your loved ones in a better position to withstand the birth pangs and the ultimate climax of trouble. We can only do this one step at a time. Each step is an act of faith.

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