Will you be ready?

I think about the end times more and more lately. The technology is getting closer to being a reality, the birth pangs are happening in front of our eyes and no one teaches what I believe. I found my view of the end times in the Bible and it shattered what I grew up being taught.

The biggest difference that I found from my new point of view was responsibility. The end times is something that the Bible talks about more than almost any other subject. It’s a big deal, the Bible says to take this seriously, specifically so that you are never deceived. The church isn’t doing great with that, we teach the 3 main interpretations, and then the 3 popular lesser interpretations. That’s too many for the devil not be teaching some of it at least!

The Bible warns about false leaders and false followers in the church teaching things that are just wrong. Chances are every church has some people or some teachings that are false. But at least people know how to separate from the other churches with all of the false stuff. Those people can’t be Christians after all…

The truth is you believe false doctrine. Me too. We can’t fully understand God, which means we have to be screwing this thing up somewhere. So instead of viewing the Bible through the common doctrinal perspective, let’s just look at it based on what it would cause to happen if a person believes something.

Of the 6 most believed end times interpretations, (pre trib, mid trib, post trib, amillennialism, preterism, and pre wrath) only 2 require any faith on your part. That’s end times faith, not relating to your faith in other areas. You don’t have to do anything during the time of antichrist. That’s for other people or no one at all or you are only here when the antichrist appears good and is bringing peace.

If you believe that there is never any chance that you will be living on earth during a literal mark of the beast, will you even notice it? Will you be mentally ready, with a plan in place if the day comes that the law requires you to take some sort of identification mark in order to participate in the economy? Will you have a garden going or some chickens or a hiding place worked out? Or will you just say, this can’t be it, because I’m amillennial or whatever?

The Bible doesn’t warn us to stay awake, stay aware, don’t be deceived, and always watch; just to get words on paper. If 80% or more of Christians believe there is no possibility of having to deal with hard times during the end times, could that account for a great apostasy when it does happen? Could that single fact account for why people will suddenly start betraying each other?

If you have a belief that the end times is not something that you will need to prepare for as a believer, may I suggest giving that some serious prayer and study? You really need to read over those verses many times to start to see where everything fits together in your mind. It’s not too late to do that. A little time each day and you get through it. I have the computer read me the bible every day. I’ve read cover to cover a couple of dozen times probably. I’ve read it many translations and I have a stack of worn out Bibles in the closet. And yes, I even wrote a book about this once and below is my prewritten ad and a link. I’d love to see more believers step outside of what we are told to think and do our own thinking and our own praying on this very important issue. God bless yall!

This is a little ebook I wrote a few years back when the Lord led me to do a serious, organized study of the end times in the Bible. In it I explain some of what I learned from the plain reading of the Bible without intersecting any previously held ‘theological positions’ or what I like to call strongholds. At the end of the book I include a list of chapters of the Bible that contain information about the end times. It isn’t just Revelation and Daniel, the story is weaved all through the Bible. This is a very simple study resource but it includes some views that are not typically taught in church, a list of verses to go find out for yourself, and a little encouragement; all for less than a buck. Give it a read!

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