Glenn Beck Dream

About 4 this morning I was a sleep and what looked like a TV popped on in front of me. It was Glenn Beck doing his normal news program. He was talking about how America was going to see if we could survive without God. That last line is the one that woke me up and I had to think about this for a little while.

After a few minutes I remembered where I had heard a line like that before. It was Henry Gruver in the first modern prophecy that I ever heard. It was the 80s and I was pretending that I went to bed when my parents told me to. But secretly I had turned on the radio and somehow I ended up hearing Henry Gruver. He talked about Russia invading America and it was pretty intense!

Once the internet started having videos 20 years later, I went back and found that recording. I’ve listened to it many times since, along with a large body of modern prophetic words that have come over the last 100 years. I recognized the quote easily because of this.

So I pulled it up on YouTube and went back to bed, planning to listen to it after I woke up. Naturally, I had another dream. This dream came in 3 stages. The first stage had church people out in the parking lot of the church fighting each other. It was a night time scene and a massive force began flying over. We were being invaded as the church fought with each other. A group of helicopters with signs made of flashing lights like the ones in Close Encounters of the Third Kind came flying by one after another. They flashed their signs at us but it was hard to understand because the church members were in a fist fight.

Soon the scene switched to a group of older people having a house church. We did a few things in the kitchen together and then went downstairs to have our primary meeting.

As we were walking down stairs the dream switched to the third scene. It was the same house, it was church. But this time it was crowded and filled with young people! As we went down stairs to the meeting I had to stop because there were too many mothers and children on the stairs to safely walk down. After the crowd cleared a young mother with a newborn ran down in front of me going way too fast. Then another mother with a car seat carrier and a baby in it asked me to carry the bottle of milk to give her a free hand to hold the rail. Down into the meeting we went.

In this dream, the church is fighting and the warnings are coming but no one is listening. People in the church are too busy fighting. So the invasion will come and God will not be helping us in our fighting. Just like that Henry Gruver vision from the 80s where the British/American control of the world falls to Russian and Chinese invasion. The interlocking empire that government the financial matters of the world today is going to collapse. But God will save our country after we turn to him.

That leads us to the second and third part. At first it will just be older people getting the church back together. But in time the revival that has now begun will manifest greatly. Soon we will see so many new Christians coming into the church that it’s hard to move around. Everyone will need to help them figure things out. Those who are fighting will fall away in the hard times.

Something very difficult is coming for America and the church. The birth pangs of Matthew 24, the prophesies of invasion, the financial reset and collapse of the money cartel are coming quickly. But do not be afraid, this is spreading revival! Don’t be afraid if revival looks ugly at first, it always does. But after the darkness falls, a great light will drive it away. Get ready, and may God bless you and keep you during the storm.

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