Why am I talking about Masons?

For the many of us who grew up around Masons, they don’t seem to be occultists. In fact, most of them don’t think they are occultists. In many lodges there is a Bible on the alter and only professed Christians are allowed. So how can that be an occult organization?

This is a hard sell for many people who have loved ones on the inside. It was a hard sell for me. I’ve named children after freemasons because I wanted the name and memory to live on. It was by accident and slow discovery that I found out the spirit of the organization.

The first crack in the dam came when God led me to learn about Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The preacher that I was told to listen to on the subject was Derek Prince. It was quite an event but I’ll share the story another time. Needless to say after God changed my everything by absolute miracle, I started to listen to a little bit more Derek Prince. One thing he was well known for ( I say ‘was’ because he has been dead since before I ever heard of him), was deliverance ministry. That’s casting out demons for those who haven’t spent much time around it.

Luckily, I grew up around that sort of thing and I had been introduced to much of what Derek Prince taught when I was too young to understand it. None of it was weird to me until he talked about freemasonry. I never gave it much thought, but I grew up around a bunch of freemasons so I got a little confused. The man was very well educated and showed a lot of fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit so I couldn’t dismiss it. But I didn’t dig in and start researching yet either.

A few years later I was led to read some ‘conspiracy theorist’ type books. I knew my Bible so I could easily see what to keep and what to throw away. Honestly, I’ve always been pretty good at separating information from opinion. And it turns out ‘conspiracy theorists’ have a ton of information. More than the average story on the ‘news’ might contain. And as it turned out the conspiracy theorists repeatedly pointed to freemasons with a lot of detail.

I was getting a little more interested in knowing what was behind those secret doors, but I wasn’t all in yet. A few years after that I became very interested in the occult. What do they really believe and teach? So I started reading the original sources and stories and so on about various religions and the occult. As I studied the New Age I found another link to the Masons. There are far too many people in history who have taught the one world religion and connected it to freemasonry to ignore. So I got to know the organization a little better.

The sun never sets on freemasonry. It is a global empire that exists across all religions and national borders. Many of the most powerful men in history have been masons. There are many other sects of secret organizations that operate similarly. Freemasons aren’t the only part of the occult, but they are a large part of the occult. They are like an occult underground railroad that transports information, ideas, plans and people all over the world. If you are on the inside, you are connected to every level of power and every nation.

While many Masons consider themselves Christians, the Bible has to be interpreted through Masonic ideas. We talked about Solo Scriptura yesterday, and clearly masonry doesn’t operate under that philosophy. It operates under something more like gnosticism. The ancient one world religion, hydra if you understand the reference. The octopus has more connections and flies more flags than just the various masonic orders. But it’s time to unlink the church from the masons. Christians don’t need to be Masons. You’re not allowed to bring that up at the lodge though. It’s against the rules. Ever heard ‘don’t talk about politics or religion in polite company’, that’s a masonic concept. But masonry is a religion, they meet in a temple and put a holy book on an alter and do old school religious stuff.

I know masons do a lot of charity. I know they teach certain good character qualities to members. I’m aware that they don’t appear evil on the surface. Not all who follow the devil do so on purpose. Not all who follow the devil are trying to hurt anyone. Not all who follow the devil believe they follow the devil.

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