Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura is Latin for Scripture alone and it was something that Martin Luther wrote about during the Reformation. The idea has been held by most Protestants since that time, that scripture is the highest authority for the church. Of course, hopefully, no one forgets what scripture says about itself. Jesus said you look to the scriptures to find eternal life, but they point to me and yet you aren’t finding me, to the leaders of His day. While Luther was pointing out that scripture was higher authority than the Pope, or church doctrine, many would come along and use the terminology to deceive people.

As I was studying about John Jacob Astor yesterday, I came across the most interesting little statement. I had just written that the man showed all the signs of occult involvement when I read that he belonged to a reformed church all of his life. Some people might look at that and decide I had missed the mark with this guy. But it’s actually a sign post of history to me connecting certain parts of the reformed church of today, to a time between the reformation and today.

During the days of Luther a great revival sprang forth. People began to speak in tongues and prophecy and heal. These things had been all but forgotten in the church, so naturally it seemed like the Christian thing to do, to kill them. Just like the Pope was operating under the antichrist spirit to kill protestants (despite the fact that the Catholic church had once decided to split from the Orthodox church and were the first to protestants), protestants also began killing protestants. During this entire process Christians were killing no one. The killing was cause by wolves in sheep’s clothing, claiming to be Christians. This is true all through history.

The Pope copying antipapists, managed to take control of a large portion of the reformation. New reasons to kill ‘heretics’ were created. A new church that sought after political power was created. Yay, 2 Catholic churches to fight each other. The inquisition would do so much for the name of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God (eyes rolling completely out of my head).

Years later many of these false flag Christians who operated under the antichrist spirit, would be well respected leaders of theology. They would also leaven their bread a little by joining secret societies and replacing the Holy Spirit with philosophical doctrine. In much the same way that the educational system in the US was created by a small group of what amount to oligarchs, so the system for educating learned pastors took the same path.

Of course, you can’t keep God down by puffing up the system and good hearted God fearing men would never stop coming through. Some were stifled by an education that was intended for growth but many great pastors and missionaries came through this system. Many great great doctors have been trained in western medicine, that doesn’t change the source of that system either. As a means of picking off as many as possible the enemy laid traps at every turn. The Masonic Lodges are among the most common means of the kingdom of darkness leavening the children’s bread.

Most members, including many in my own family, join the Masons as a social network, a do gooders club, or a way to find a job. They let the sword be put their neck and they agree to walk down a secret path that no one is to know about. It is a good path or so they are told. Many church members and leaders through the years have been Masons just like John Jacob Astor.

I once watched a conversation be changed by the tapping of the ring at a family reunion. It was a strange secret that I didn’t understand at the time but I am starting to see more clearly. Much like the organized crime/drug dealing/black magic dark wing of the occult, there’s a brighter wing too. The yin and yang show more than just an idea of dark and light. The people in do gooders clubs work together with the people in who are actively darkening the world.

I’m blessed to be in a position where my family line has been connected to a variety of institutions on all sides. The Russell Trust and the Russellites, witches and warlocks, Masons, bankers and spies, as well as great revivalists have joined together through the generations and somehow God has formed me out of all that dust. He’s put in my a desire to connect all of these dots and I’m trying to get there. But as I make smaller connections, like today seeing that Astor would have likely supported the strange fire movement, I hope to spread those connections to others.

The scriptures say that there will be a time when ‘good’ people will think they are serving God by killing believers. Sola Scriptura seems to rule out the Pharisees and several of the Popes and Calvin as people to follow. But Sola Scriptura also tells us how Saul became Paul and God turned him from the evil of persecuting the church, making him into one of the most persecuted. Sola Scriptura says that all who are Godly will suffer persecution. It is the refining fire that makes an ugly sinner into a beautiful pure bride. The underground church exists to help the bride living in the time of the refiners fire. The antichrist spirit exists to do the refining.

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