John Jacob Astor

I prayed yesterday about what to write today. Early this morning I heard a somewhat familiar name; John Jacob Astor. While I am aware of the man’s existence I’ve never read a full biography on him. So I set out today searching for some information. What does Astor have to do with anything? Come to find out, this was a pretty interesting guy.

First, I found out that Astor was a fur trader in New York in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Then I went on to learn that he was America’s first multimillionaire. This was before the time of the robber barons that I enjoy reading about. As my short search for information continued I came across the fact that Astor bought up more land in New York City than any other landowner of his time. His fortune still supports his descendants in NYC 200 years later.

Now that’s all interesting for a guy I’ve only heard of in books about the illuminati. But none of it screams ‘the Christian underground needs to know this’. When I came across the fact that J.J. funded the majority of the war of 1812 on the American side my ears started to perk up. War funding is a common thread through history. There’s a laundry list of prominent, wealthy and usually interconnected men the last several hundred years who have put up the cash to fight wars. They don’t tend to lose money on these ventures even if their side loses the war. Funny how that works out.

From the war bonds on the story gets clearer. When the west really was wild and the west coast was nonexistent in the US, Astor sent people all the way across. He started a little town called Astoria out in Oregon. From the west cost town that still bears his name, Astor set up trade with China. From the land where there was no law, Astor made quite a fortune in Chinese trade. It wasn’t the long sought-after western passage, but this pathway west actually existed. Astor beat the world in the race to trade with China from the new world.

That’s not all he did either. As it turns out, his people out west were in charge of some interesting shipping habits. They would run ships with false flags (the practice giving rise to our concept of the false flag attack). The purpose of the false flag of course to pretend the cargo came from another place in case they got caught. I don’t know what all they were trading, but opium was certainly part of the package. Opium was totally legal in America at the time, so they brought some back to New York. But most of it went to China where the drug was illegal.

The shipping company reminds me of the setup that Samuel Russell had. The brother of William Russell, founder of the Skull and Bones Society and ultimately the US, Greek college fraternity system; ran a little opium himself. Somehow from Connecticut he was able to ship opium to China and bring home a nice living. But that’s a different story.

The connection between the Opium Wars and wealthy Americans is interesting. When you run across someone like Astor you don’t instantly think drug dealer. But it doesn’t take that much digging to connect these dots. There’s a much bigger story that this all plugs into. The story of the occult. While I didn’t run directly into connections with the occult in my brief search for information, all the signs are pointing in that direction. The global underground has operated in conjunction with the occult for thousands of years. When you meet someone truly connected to the criminal world, you can hear the demons. Some want to kill you, others want to turn you, but they all have a voice in you mind like a witch sometimes does. That’s not just a feeling, it’s a voice.

In the Christian underground we also need a spiritual voice coming from us. The voice of the Holy Spirit. If we are going to navigate the uncharted waters of this turbulent time, we need a guide. God’s Spirit inside of us can help us recognize each other even when we have never met. It can tell us where to go, or just what to write about today. If we are going to hear that voice, we will need to practice praying and hearing at home alone first. Just like there is a global network of evil across the world, there is a global network of good Godly people. We need to be so interconnected that someone from the northeastern US could smuggle bibles, missionaries or help of any kind to any nation on earth. It is already illegal to be a Christian in much of the world. With dark powerful people working out their plans of building the earthly kingdom of evil, we need to be working too.

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