Kim Jong Un

This weekend there has been a lot of news about nothing. That nothing is the rumor that Kim Jong Un may or may not have died. Some ‘news’ agencies are reporting the rumors and others are countering the rumors. This amounts to reporting nothing at all but it does matter. In my book, The Apocrypha and Everything that Happened in 1947 I wrote about Korea. I don’t come to any conclusions in the book; I simply compile a list of event that are effecting our world today, which find their spiritual roots in 1947.

It becomes clearer and clearer every day why the Lord has me look into that year. Understanding that history gives a lot of context for today. There was a great revival in Korea before the war, the split and communism. Kim Jong Un is descended from the King and Queen of Korea who were a major part of that Christian revival. There was a lot of revival beginning around the world that year and the attack on God’s Kingdom was fierce. Today those fires are still smoldering, but they have never gone out completely.

I had a vision around the time that Billy Graham died (his ministry also began in 1947 by the way). I have a person connection to him in a way. I was saved at one of his last crusades. I’ve seen both him and Franklin in person. I believe the Lord used him and will use others in the same way soon. Stadiums filled with people who want nothing but to hear the word of God will be filling up all over the world. Back to Kim Jong Un though. I had a vision that ‘Korea’ would put a nuclear missile in the water (I believe in a submarine) and then I saw men from their navy come up out of the water and attack men from our navy and cut their throats.

That is a sign of an attack of some kind obviously. But what struck me the most what that God called it Korea. So I studied it a little. To the best of what I can grasp I feel like South Korea is becoming more globalist and communist. Because of this I think they will reunite and remove the US military rights to be there. I first heard about that right from a prophet named Henry Gruver. He said to pray for Kim Jong Un (which I have) to be saved before he dies. He also explained the situation in North and South Korea in a way that I wasn’t aware of. Our right to be there is automatically terminated when the Korean War ends. But it never legally ended. So all they have to do is reunite and end the war, then the US military loses its right to be there.

A few years later I read a prophet from Ireland named Veronica West write that North and South Korea would reunite. This happened a few days ago. The thing I like about Veronica West is how quickly what she says happens. God made me the type of guy that gets word of coming events years in advance, and He seems to have made her the kind that gets word shortly in advance. I like to follow a lot of different prophetic voices because they help put all of these things into context.

Veronica West seemed very positive about the situation but I’m a little more concerned. We are headed for a great awakening but we are also headed for WW3. They are both developing together and the enemy is going absolutely all out to try to stop the revival that is coming. The Lord showed me that we have 3 and a half years of crazy on the way. We are only a few months in and the world has already changed forever. But God is blessing many of His people while the world is going nuts. These attacks will drive masses of people right into the arms of God eventually.

Today, reading the nothing ‘news’ about Kim Jong Un it reminds me that God is in control. It reminds me that God has been speaking about this very subject for awhile and through many of His people. But it also brings it into the present. This is likely to happen during this time of shaking. Ultimately it will open the doors for revival in Korea and China and much of the region. But the media will not be reporting it accurately or in spiritual terms. They rarely catch on to what God is doing even when He does it through them. That doesn’t matter in the underground church. We can stay focused on what is happening in the real world, the spiritual world.

The signs are all pointing to one Korea. The world is already advertising the death of a man who isn’t dead yet. He’s a young man, and I suspect that he is not sick. He is probably going to be killed. The media may still tell us that he died of COVID-19 even if he jumps on a rocket and shoots himself into space. Coronavirus is the story they are telling right now and they don’t shift gears without the orders going through a long chain of command. But the world is changing fast. Stay in prayer and get moving in the direction God is leading you.

If you are interested in checking out my book to see what else happened in 1947 that is prevalent in today’s news, I’ll share a link. These little ebooks are the only way I know of to fund my website so hopefully I can sell a few and write more. My ebooks are fairly short but they are only 0.99 cents, and I appreciate the love:) God bless you all!

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