I think I have a functioning website now

I am excited to say that I think I have a fully functioning website now. The Lord has been calling me to do this and here I am. I have several categories of interest that I feel like the Lord wants me to write about. I was hoping to set the site up accordingly. Maybe down the road after I have enough content I can get some help to do it the way I envisioned. The plan is to discuss things that are happening in the Kingdom of God like revival or sharing lessons from myself and others. At the same time I want to expose the enemy kingdom, what they teach, how they operate etc. God has led me to spend the last decade studying the Bible as well as several other things. He has turned me into a teacher. I also want to discuss how to see through culture. Music, art, news and so on, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there and I think I can help people see through a lot of it. I also want to tell my own story and testimony as well as drop in a video here and there (after I get that set up). And I also want to use this blog to help create and connect a low tech underground in preparation for the end times. I know a lot of people don’t think that is theologically necessary. But in my study I’ve come to the understanding that we need to be ready for some serious difficulty. If the Lord chooses to keep us from it that’s awesome. But he spent a lot of time explaining it for something that we wouldn’t need to do anything about. I have some ideas on that and I’d love for some people around the world to join in creating places of refuge. With the COVID-19 we see how quickly something can happen that gives the world’s governments unlimited control. They can stop anyone from driving, or going to the store. Also with 5G coming into reality the technology now exists to connect small chips to the web. This makes it a reality that we face in our lifetimes, that the mark of the beast could be easily and globally implemented. This isn’t God’s wrath, it is God’s enemy. God in His mercy wants to save as many as possible. With a little planning and some history lessons we can easily organize a global network of end time revivalists who can finish the work the church was created to do. God bless all y’all and I can’t wait to see what God will do with this.

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