Welcome to Practice Outlaw.

The Last Days are upon us and this is a time to be bold for Jesus!

The day is coming when it will be illegal all across the globe to follow Jesus.

Bible prophecy isn’t something to fear, it’s something to plan for.

The Last Days are upon us and this is a time to be bold for Jesus!

Welcome to Practice Outlaw.

Welcome to the Christian underground.

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The stadium pt. 3

His parents said that an evangelist was coming. Nolan wasn’t sure what that meant and when he asked they just told him it was someone that leads people to Jesus. He thought church was supposed to do that, what was different about an evangelist? His parents didn’t really seem to understand the difference well enoughContinue reading “The stadium pt. 3”

The stadium pt.2

One weekend Nolan’s dad got football tickets. The state’s favorite college team was playing the number one team in the country that weekend and it seemed like an important game. It didn’t turn out to be that important though. They watched in the cold, pouring rain as their team got trampled into the floor. ItContinue reading “The stadium pt.2”

The stadium

Nolan’s church was buzzing that week. In kids church they were all talking about last week’s birthday party and yesterday’s football game. Football was a big deal at church. In fact, several sports were a big thing at church but this was football season. The kids could talk to the grown ups and mingle withContinue reading “The stadium”

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