The End Is Here

A fictional story about a young man living in the last days.

Nolan will learn and develop his gifting and play a pivotal role in the return of Messiah.

He will walk through the end of days and lead a movement to bring about the return of Christ.

He will develop an Underground Railroad to help people survive life after the mark of the beast, teaching believers how to live on the lamb.

Welcome to Practice Outlaw.

Welcome to the Christian underground.

Latest from the Blog

Crossroads Pt. 4

By the time he went to sleep that night Nolan had all but forgotten about the weirdness of the day. He was looking ahead to the weirdness of tomorrow at school. They were going to be back on a regular schedule, which meant Nolan would again have no friends. He also skipped a couple ofContinue reading “Crossroads Pt. 4”

Crossroads Pt. 3

The object could be almost any little thing Nolan had; a hair, a coin, a keychain, it really didn’t matter except that it be fairly small. Nolan wasn’t supposed to know or notice but as it turned out he couldn’t no know. He didn’t know what a hex bag was yet but he knew theContinue reading “Crossroads Pt. 3”

Crossroads Pt. 2

Governors, mobsters, senators, bootleggers, ministers, witches, demons and spies had all darkened the doorstep on that old porch and now it was Nolan’s turn. He hopped off of the bus, still a little shaken from his encounter with the witches from his dream, not to mention seeing through the snake’s eyes. But these kinds ofContinue reading “Crossroads Pt. 2”

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