The End Is Here

A fictional story about a young man living in the last days.

Nolan will learn and develop his gifting and play a pivotal role in the return of Messiah.

He will walk through the end of days and lead a movement to bring about the return of Christ.

He will develop an Underground Railroad to help people survive life after the mark of the beast, teaching believers how to live on the lamb.

Welcome to Practice Outlaw.

Welcome to the Christian underground.

Latest from the Blog

Church Camp Pt. 7

By Tuesday night everyone who would be kicked out was already gone and the rest of the campers had settled into a nice grove. People were making new friends and some were coupling up but Nolan wasn’t really the type to make fast friends. He kept most people at arms length for the first couple…

Church Camp Pt. 6

The camp festivities were beginning today. There were a number of fun workshops planned before lunch each day this week and some free time after lunch to swim, play basketball, socialize and explore. They started out by decorating camp t-shirts for themselves to wear. After that Nolan went to play paintball. He had played a…

Church Camp Pt. 5

As Oliver looked up, in fear, at the 300 hundred foot tall warring angel out the window; the messenger angel was weaving the words of God into a dream for Nolan. He watched the events as if he were outside of them. The world was falling into great trouble and Nolan saw one catastrophe after…

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